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deya 14. Feb 2019 07:05 PM

Opera R3
They've released a Developer version of R3 today so thought to start a thread here for it ... maybe some will want to give it a try.

First Opera R3 developer release comes with new design;

There may be bugs etc. so if you're not sure then maybe best wait until the first Stable release. I've just downloaded and installed it so I'll have a mess about with it then maybe post more later on.

These are a couple of paragraphs from the blog post page ...

"We believe that minimalism is more than a look; it serves a specific purpose. Itís easy to achieve a minimalist design by stripping down features, resulting in a cleaner looking but less functional browser. This was not our goal with R3.

There is no other browser that comes close to Opera in terms of features and functionality, and we didnít intend to make any compromises. What weíve done with R3 is to refine our features and place them in a way that they are fully accessible without getting in your way. Our vision of minimalism is such that your browser is more functional for your daily use, not less
" ....

danielson 15. Feb 2019 09:06 PM

People are commenting quite a bit about it, so i guess Opera might be doing something right.

Personally, it's still a "naw" mode for me.

Their Android version is a killer for me!

deya 16. Feb 2019 12:18 AM

Hmm .... I'm not convinced regards the 'new design'. Not much has changed in the overall look of the browser. Smaller speed dial tiles and a few tweaks here and there to the UI, not that you'd hardly notice. The new Dark Theme is ok though, and if you combine it with, say for example the Dark Reader extension, then you do get a decent effect if it suits your eyes better. Turbo has gone, that may be an issue for some but the free VPN will have its merits for others and it does work well.

Crypto Wallets, News Feeds, Promoted Speed Dials and Bookmarks etc. don't interest me personally but I'm sure many will use those features. It still doesn't let you set your search engine of choice as default and that does rattle my cage a bit.

I'm still using it though, and it seems stable enough although there are glitches. Early days, see what else they add or change before the Stable release in March.

Their marketing waffle wears a bit thin with me though, and I wouldn't call it 'The New Standard of Browsing' .... maybe The Emperor's New Clothes? :)

danielson 16. Feb 2019 02:20 PM


Maybe if they added "The Great Wall" to their publicity stunt, they'll get more attention.

deya 16. Feb 2019 06:32 PM

The way I see it is that they created a bit of problem for themselves by developing Neon and then letting people install and use it. Neon is a whole new ball game in terms of browser design, a real change in appearance and how you browse. So now, every time they come up with these Reborn versions people are expecting something radical, like Neon, because they know what Opera are capable of creating and reading the comments on the R3 blog post proves this because Neon is referred to time and again. They should have kept updating Neon and let those who want to use it, use it - people still are using it. Opera themselves created the high expectation level, and when they don't deliver on the expectations that lots of users have with each Reborn version they get pockets of negative feedback.

So now I've uninstalled Opera Stable and decided to use R3 only, see what comes with each update and then install the Stable version on its release. I've encountered a couple of minor glitches, the main one being that the Easy Setup panel doesn't fully display but I can work around that. Other than that the browser is stable and doesn't crash etc.

I don't like the new idea of not being able to have the sidebar pinned only on internal pages, speed dial etc. So now I've reverted back to accessing things via the Opera button, bookmarks and so on. The bookmark bar takes up too much room in the UI, always has and I don't ever have it showing and this again is a mystery to me why they can't just introduce a setting to auto hide it. I frequently use Cent and Kinza, both Chrome forks, and each of those allows you to auto hide the bookmark bar by mousing over the address bar. Much simpler, more convenient, a cleaner look.

Cent and Kinza are nowhere near the size of Opera in terms of development teams and yet seem to have no problem creating such features, and actually listening to their users requests. And speaking of Cent and Kinza, both allow you to set any search engine as default, have less pre-loaded bloat than Opera and as a consequence both are faster - just my opinion.

I've been trying the new Opera dark theme in R3, in tandem with Dark Reader, and have to say it's good, I like it. People who have issues with their vision may find it useful, although if you're using Win10 you can achieve similar by using the Colour Filters and High Contrast options via the Ease of Access settings so I suppose it's whatever suits you best. This from the blog post ....

"With the light theme, your entire browser, including the sidebar and tab area, is bright and clean. To us, this evokes a feeling of openness and optimism. We designed it to spark productivity and lift your mood.

The dark theme signifies to us a certain elegance and focus. It turns the browser dark and subdued, almost mysterious. But on a practical note, it’s also soothing for the eyes

.... although I'm not sure how the new idea of making the speed dial tiles smaller is supposed to help people with poor vision or be soothing on the eyes?

I'm hoping they take note of user comments and a make changes in forthcoming versions of R3 before the Stable version release. We'll see.

deya 21. Feb 2019 05:08 PM

An update for R3 - Opera 60 developer;

deya 27. Feb 2019 05:46 PM

Opera 60.0.3242.0 developer update - this is for R3;

deya 05. Mar 2019 06:53 PM

Opera 60.0.3248.0 developer update - R3;

danielson 06. Mar 2019 04:26 PM

Anything worth talking about that makes it stand out from the regular browser?

Still don't see much talk about it other your postings here deya.

deya 07. Mar 2019 12:35 AM

R3 is really not that much different from what was already there in the Stable version, danielson.

Depends what you want from a browser. Opera has a lot of features that many people will find useful. News feeds (which you can personalise), access to social media accounts, My Flow, crypto wallet, built in ad blocker, free VPN, the dark theme - the settings for which are all accessible via the Easy Setup menu on the start page/speed dial page. Plus there's other stuff; Snapshot tool, Chromecast support, instant search etc.

Personally, I only really use the VPN, which is good, and the rest I have disabled. So I'm not the target audience in terms of what Opera are aiming at. I do occasionally enable various features, news feed, dark mode and so on and they work really well. It's just that I, personally, don't feel the need to have all that going on in a browser but that's not to say those features are pointless, I'm sure they're not to lots of people.

The changes in R3 that I think are a mistake are doing away with Turbo (useful to many people), making the speed dial tiles smaller and also not being able to pin the sidebar to the start page only. Before, you could pin the sidebar to just the start page, but now, if you have it pinned, it shows on every page and to me that's a nuisance and takes up space on the page. So now I don't use the sidebar.

So, there is a lot to make Opera stand out from some other browsers - and it receives regular security updates etc. It's a very good browser, but these Reborn versions are really not earth shattering in terms of changes to the UI - how the browser looks compared to others and all the rest of it.

There are things I'd like to see in Opera, I've mentioned them before, but I'm only one person and what I think would be an improvement obviously the developers don't and that's fine. I still use it, although not as often as I did before to be honest.

R3 is still being developed, there will be changes before the Final release so I'll wait and see, and hopefully they'll take note of what's being requested in the comments on their blog page :)

danielson 07. Mar 2019 01:22 AM

Think you hit it dead on with that last line deya.

Have had the feeling for a long time now, that the folks at Mozilla and Opera no longer have an open ear to users as they used to.

deya 07. Mar 2019 12:20 PM

Maybe we all want too many different things, and in the end they have to design their individual browser in a way they think the majority of their users will find appealing.

It would be good to be able to take features from your favourite browsers and put them in one super browser ..... but then, I think in a way that's what Vivaldi are doing and I don't like it now. There's too much going on in the browser, too many settings that (personally) I'd never use. It's a hard balancing act.

Opera has been my default for a long time now, even though I'm using the R3 Developer version it's still my default and but for the expected little bugs and glitches it's solid in terms of performance. I considered, some time ago, to have Edge set as default in Win10 and be done with it - just stick with the browser that comes with the OS, but then they messed about with it too many times and I could never get it running how I wanted it to. Now MS have scrapped it and have decided to go down the Chrome route because people just weren't using it in the numbers that they hoped. So all my tinkering with Edge was a waste of time and now I don't use it all. No point. See what they come up with in the future but from what I understand, at the moment, you won't be able to use extensions from the Chrome Store and instead you'll have the choice of selected extensions from the MS Store, same as before and that's no good, not to me at least.

With Opera, the latest versions, the object seems to be to monetise the browser - sponsored sites, search engines, news feeds etc. and I don't know if I'm too keen on that. I understand why they have to do it, and respect it, but at least they do give you the options to disable or change most of it, setting default search being the exception.

If I had to change my default browser to any of the ones I use regularly then the only one I would consider at this moment in time is Yandex. It's not too dissimilar to Opera; still has Turbo, you can install extensions from the Chrome Store, updates regularly, ten gigs of free cloud storage, good security features, etc. But the thing I like most is the general user interface, the aesthetics of the browser appeal to me, always have. I've gone back to it time and again and use it more and more of late. And even though Yandex are predominantly a search company, they still allow you to change your default search to one of your own choice. I prefer to use Qwant, Swisscows and Yandex itself. Opera still refuses to let you do this by default. I know I keep mentioning this on here, but it really does make me not use Opera as much, the way I used to.

Sometimes the little things make all the difference when using a browser. Freedom of choice obviously means more to me than most and so Opera continue with this policy, and I've seen the choice of default search mentioned many times in their blog comments so going back to your point, danielson, no, they don't have an open ear to their users like they used to.

But the owners of Opera paid a lot of money for it, they obviously want to maximise their income via the browser and sponsored search engines are a good way of doing that. So I don't see changes to that happening any time soon :)

danielson 07. Mar 2019 03:44 PM

Ever since Firefox and Opera have taken zee "big leap", i find myself bouncing around with different browsers.

In the end, i still find myself on Firefox (Windows) and Opera (Android) as home base.

With a fair sized monitor, i do like browsers that can open "things" in a side panel.
Which one does best at that is a question mark.

CASD 09. Mar 2019 08:01 PM

I agree I like bookmarks and other stuff in the side panel
Vivaldi has been my go too for a while but it seems to be a resource hog for a tab lover like me.. (150+)
Trying out Brave at the moment and it seems to be better with resources so far. also using Sidewise for the side panel

After Cyberfox went down I just can't get back to Fox.. I just don't like it

deya 10. Mar 2019 12:25 PM

Not sure how many people use them both, but Opera does still have two sidebars. Besides the sidebar there's also the extensions bar where you can install sidebar extensions; bookmarks, notes etc. You don't have to have them both showing at the same time, they're independent of each other.

Thing is, if you enable the extensions bar and click to add an extension from the sidebar page in Opera extensions some of the extensions listed don't actually install in the extensions bar, they install in the extension toolbar at top right of the browser - and certain ones install in both which is a bit of a mess to be honest.

In R3 Developer (unlike the Stable version) if you enable the sidebar it now stays when you open a Website, whereas before it would only show on the speed dial/start page and hide when you opened a Website. I preferred that. So at the moment I'm not using the sidebar because I don't want to see it all the time.

Personal preference, and we all seem to want different things but I can still access the stuff I use from the speed dial page (bookmarks, extensions, history, downloads and settings) by right clicking on the page and opening them from the context menu. So I'm happy enough with that, although if you use the sidebar for messaging (Whatsapp, VK etc.) you can't access those by right clicking so it's not ideal for everyone.

Even with a fair sized monitor, if you have both sidebars plus the bookmarks bar showing it takes up quite a chunk of space. So I don't get why the can't just give users the option to auto-hide them, as opposed to just show or hide. It seems to me to be just so much simpler to be able to do that? ... and it can be done because as I said before, I use browsers that do it with the bookmarks bar. Same as with the Windows task bar, you can auto-hide it so you get more space on the screen.

All that being said, you can still access everything you need from the Opera menu button at top left of the browser, and I do use it, so perhaps they think they give you enough options as it is and that's probably a fair point.

danielson 10. Mar 2019 02:36 PM

How many tabs can a browser open and keep open simultaneously?
Never heard of Sidewise before - wish there were more options (i.e. hotkey).
Brave sure is fast and improvements don't seem random but something users will generally accept and use (shame on you Vivaldi for a huge user profile that can't be removed - most people i know have their own computers and very rarely have to share them, so why add this "test"?).
Brave also lets users manage search engines (hint to Deya!)

- - - - -

Might take Opera R3 out for a ride sometime.
Just gets frustrating as it seems that all these Chrome clones are playing catch-up with things that were already doing well or on their way to perfection (i.e. Opera 12).

- - - - -

Who knows!
Maybe the new Edge-Chrome-clone will have a neat sidebar! ha!

deya 10. Mar 2019 05:40 PM

We'll soon find out;

Who's signing up this time? :D

danielson 10. Mar 2019 09:00 PM

Not me!

Not holding my breath for Microsoft.

deya 10. Mar 2019 11:35 PM

Haha! Anticipating your answer, I went ahead and signed up so we'll see.

Surely they can't mess Chrome up ..... can they? :D

EldonW 10. Mar 2019 11:56 PM


Originally Posted by deya (Post 125125)
Surely they can't mess Chrome up ..... can they? :D

Of course not!
Look at what a wonderful job they did with Windows... :rolleyes:

deya 11. Mar 2019 07:10 PM

Opera 60.0.3254.0 developer update;

"With this build, we’re providing more Reborn 3 visual improvements" .....

For many, that's probably the worrying part, EldonW :)

deya 09. Apr 2019 05:20 PM

Opera introduces Reborn 3, the first desktop browser with Web 3, faster VPN and ad blocker;

"Reborn 3 (Opera 60) was designed to improve people’s control over their privacy, security, and to give them access to Web 3, the Web of the future" .....

This is the Stable release.

danielson 12. Apr 2019 02:10 PM

Interesting, probably for VPN bit, but still nothing to get over excited about.

While Brave might be fastest, Slimjet is highest ranking on and Opera uses least resources (at least on my PC).

danielson 13. Apr 2019 03:38 AM

You know what's a mystery to me?

Opera offering a staunch VPN service while keeping a knowitallspying search engine.
Can the two co-exist?
Or is the 1st somehow a slave to the 2nd to which we have not figured out yet how?

EldonW 13. Apr 2019 06:42 AM


Originally Posted by danielson (Post 125248)
You know what's a mystery to me?

Opera offering a staunch VPN service while keeping a knowitallspying search engine.
Can the two co-exist?
Or is the 1st somehow a slave to the 2nd to which we have not figured out yet how?

Is Opera R3 a web browser?
Or a politician? :rolleyes:

deya 13. Apr 2019 03:39 PM

In all honesty, have to say that this isn't one of their finest releases. Even with a fresh Opera install, a good spec PC and a fast (ethernet) fibre broadband connection the browser is a little sluggish. Pages don't load as quickly as they should, VPN on or off, and the browser itself takes longer to load at start. Four extensions installed so nothing excessive there, and all the news feeds etc. turned off.

I scratch my head at times and wonder what the heck they're trying to do here, I really do. Fair enough, the free VPN is a nice idea but why get rid of Turbo? ... you used to have the choice but now, having the VPN enabled slows the browser down - my opinion.

In the blog post they say that "Web users are finding their browsing increasingly disrupted by ads" but with a fresh install of the browser all you get is a speed dial full of them, and I wouldn't say that the built-in ad blocker is particularly good either so uBlock is still required. Add to that a list of sponsored search engines that I neither want nor use, that cannot be deleted, and it seems to me there's a certain amount of hypocrisy going on here from Opera.

With each of these Reborn attempts the browser doesn't seem to improve much at all, and the amount of complaints in the comments section of their blog appears to confirm this. They don't seem to be making many friends, that's for sure.

The Opera developers, those that are left, have a vision and I respect that. They're looking to the future and again I respect that, but they are also alienating a large number of their core users and, as has been pointed on here before, they've stopped listening to them. That's not a good thing in any business, in fact it's crazy and a sure fire way to lose customers - so to speak. The 'we know best' blinkered approach to any product is a bad one.

I've used Opera for too long, I'll never not use it. But I will use it less and less (I am using it less and less) if they continue to push their ideas and ideals in the way they are now doing. Too many good features are gone, too many pointless features have replaced them - pointless to me at least.

I mentioned in the other Opera thread that the new MS Edge may ruffle a few feathers in the Chromium world and very much believe that to be the case, in fact I'd bet money on it. Similar to when MS introduced their own anti-virus, MSE (now Defender) and the effect that had on third party AV's, so will be the case with their new Chromium browser if they get it right and that won't be good for Opera et al. Harsh but true, not everyone despises Microsoft.

In terms of browsers, Opera is a niche product and niche products need to keep their user base happy - take Vivaldi for an example. It's not easy, I know. But Opera need to listen more.

danielson 14. Apr 2019 01:55 AM

@deya - wow!
That was quite the chapter!!
You nailed it quite right, "bloody well right!"

@EldonW - good point.
Is it possible to make product so seamless without some degree of politiking involved (Mozilla/Brave)?

Anupam 16. Apr 2019 05:02 PM

You can use the Opera VPN in the browser without creating an account for it?

deya 16. Apr 2019 06:09 PM

Yes you can, Anupam, no account required. You can enable it via 'Settings - Advanced - Features'

Then you can control it, on/off, choice of virtual location etc, from the address bar.

From the blog post;

"Our browser VPN is completely free and unlimited, as well as being a no-log service. Our VPN servers do not log or retain any activity data" ...

Anupam 16. Apr 2019 07:43 PM

Thanks deya, that sounds quite good. I might try Opera just for it :p

deya 16. Apr 2019 11:19 PM

No worries, Anupam :)

MidnightCowboy 17. Apr 2019 11:41 AM

I've been using this for a while and quite like it. Previously the inability to import passwords from Chrome held me back but now the 'experimental' opera://flags/#PasswordImport works fine for my collection.

Anupam 17. Apr 2019 01:01 PM

I installed the browser today and gave it a whirl. Had to carefully go through the many options in the settings to turn off the ones I didn't like.

I did away with all the sites in the Speed Dial. Selected the option to disable the sidebar, and browser looks fine now.

I mainly tried it for the free VPN, which I liked. It's quite convenient. Just with a single click, you can turn it on and off, and best thing is that it doesn't require any registration, and they don't keep the logs too.

Browsing experience seems good too. But, I will stick with Firefox as my main browser.

deya 17. Apr 2019 11:14 PM

The VPN is a nice feature but I've found it to be painfully slow to load pages at certain times. Speed depends on which location you set so for me Europe is the better option (optimal location) but the Americas and Asia especially can be very slow.

It's the cosmetic changes they keep making to the browser that draw the most complaints (mine included :D). You get used to one thing then they change it to another, but if you're new to Opera then that shouldn't be an issue.

Lots of complaints about the sidebar and not being able to have it showing on the speed dial page only, as it used to be. But right clicking on the speed dial page brings up a menu with most of the things you can access from the sidebar anyway, with the exception of the social media stuff.

With a bit of tinkering you can usually find a way to get things working the way that suits you, as MC has discovered. There are (nearly) always options and I suppose as Chrome forks go, it's still one of the better ones.

Jojo Yee 18. Apr 2019 12:52 AM

I've been using Opera for some time but just for its VPN. As deya noted, the VPN speed can be slow depending on the locations.

deya 18. Apr 2019 06:16 PM

Opera 60.0.3255.56 Stable update;

"This is an Opera Stable update with new crash fixes.

We also introduced scaling of Speed Dial tiles for 4k and Full HD screens and fixed the Chromecast pop-up.

Chromium version was updated to 73.0.3683.103
." ...

deya 21. Apr 2019 08:08 PM

Opera 58.0.3135.132 and 60.0.3255.59 Stable update;

"Today we have a small update containing a new HTTP certificate pin for our VPN service. The update pin is available in builds 58.0.3135.132 and 60.0.3255.59" .....

Anupam 21. Apr 2019 08:51 PM

R3 is behaving weird on my PC.

Yesterday, first, the icon from the taskbar is missing on its own. It was there when I had installed R3.. it's not there anymore.

The VPN wasn't working yesterday at all, even with different locations.

When I tried to check for update via the About menu, first time it showed that an error occurred during the update. Second time, it updated, but when I relaunched it, it still showed the same version as before, and then again failed to check for update.

Then I tried from the Update & Re.covery, and there it updated fine.

VPN didn't work at first after that, and when it did, it's really slow, even with optimal location, which used to work fast for me before all this happened.

Really weird.

deya 21. Apr 2019 11:21 PM

This update fixed the VPN not working for me, it wasn't working yesterday nor today until I updated the browser - and providing updates on a Sunday, especially a holiday one is unheard of. VPN is working fine now, not slow here, on optimal.

Sometimes, using the relaunch button on the update and re-covery page to update Opera doesn't work properly and the browser remains on the old version once relaunched. If this does happen, instead of using the relaunch button I close the browser from the top right then relaunch it from the icon. This usually will work and the browser starts with the new version.

Not sure why the icon would vanish from the taskbar though, Anupam. Have you made sure you have it pinned to the taskbar via the start menu shortcut? I can't recall ever having that happen before.

Anupam 22. Apr 2019 01:22 PM

VPN had started to work fine yesterday after the update. But, today again, it's sometimes working, and mostly not working. Even if it works, it opens the site and then further pages of the sites won't open.

It will show VPN as working... its icon will be blue, and the sites won't open. When I open another tab, the icon will turn yellow to indicate it's not working. It often shows that site isn't able to open. Then suddenly, VPN works again, and site opens a bit, and then stops working again.

I uninstalled and reinstalled again, and it's the same story. Mostly, it's not working, and I am getting irritated. Thinking it's not worth it.

And I had done nothing regarding the icon pinned to the taskbar. When I had installed Opera, it had installed there by itself. Next day, it was gone automatically. It's there again after I reinstalled. Let's see this time.

I installed it just for the VPN, but that itself is giving problems.

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