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deya 16. Apr 2019 11:19 PM

No worries, Anupam :)

MidnightCowboy 17. Apr 2019 11:41 AM

I've been using this for a while and quite like it. Previously the inability to import passwords from Chrome held me back but now the 'experimental' opera://flags/#PasswordImport works fine for my collection.

Anupam 17. Apr 2019 01:01 PM

I installed the browser today and gave it a whirl. Had to carefully go through the many options in the settings to turn off the ones I didn't like.

I did away with all the sites in the Speed Dial. Selected the option to disable the sidebar, and browser looks fine now.

I mainly tried it for the free VPN, which I liked. It's quite convenient. Just with a single click, you can turn it on and off, and best thing is that it doesn't require any registration, and they don't keep the logs too.

Browsing experience seems good too. But, I will stick with Firefox as my main browser.

deya 17. Apr 2019 11:14 PM

The VPN is a nice feature but I've found it to be painfully slow to load pages at certain times. Speed depends on which location you set so for me Europe is the better option (optimal location) but the Americas and Asia especially can be very slow.

It's the cosmetic changes they keep making to the browser that draw the most complaints (mine included :D). You get used to one thing then they change it to another, but if you're new to Opera then that shouldn't be an issue.

Lots of complaints about the sidebar and not being able to have it showing on the speed dial page only, as it used to be. But right clicking on the speed dial page brings up a menu with most of the things you can access from the sidebar anyway, with the exception of the social media stuff.

With a bit of tinkering you can usually find a way to get things working the way that suits you, as MC has discovered. There are (nearly) always options and I suppose as Chrome forks go, it's still one of the better ones.

Jojo Yee 18. Apr 2019 12:52 AM

I've been using Opera for some time but just for its VPN. As deya noted, the VPN speed can be slow depending on the locations.

deya 18. Apr 2019 06:16 PM

Opera 60.0.3255.56 Stable update;

"This is an Opera Stable update with new crash fixes.

We also introduced scaling of Speed Dial tiles for 4k and Full HD screens and fixed the Chromecast pop-up.

Chromium version was updated to 73.0.3683.103
." ...

deya 21. Apr 2019 08:08 PM

Opera 58.0.3135.132 and 60.0.3255.59 Stable update;

"Today we have a small update containing a new HTTP certificate pin for our VPN service. The update pin is available in builds 58.0.3135.132 and 60.0.3255.59" .....

Anupam 21. Apr 2019 08:51 PM

R3 is behaving weird on my PC.

Yesterday, first, the icon from the taskbar is missing on its own. It was there when I had installed R3.. it's not there anymore.

The VPN wasn't working yesterday at all, even with different locations.

When I tried to check for update via the About menu, first time it showed that an error occurred during the update. Second time, it updated, but when I relaunched it, it still showed the same version as before, and then again failed to check for update.

Then I tried from the Update & Re.covery, and there it updated fine.

VPN didn't work at first after that, and when it did, it's really slow, even with optimal location, which used to work fast for me before all this happened.

Really weird.

deya 21. Apr 2019 11:21 PM

This update fixed the VPN not working for me, it wasn't working yesterday nor today until I updated the browser - and providing updates on a Sunday, especially a holiday one is unheard of. VPN is working fine now, not slow here, on optimal.

Sometimes, using the relaunch button on the update and re-covery page to update Opera doesn't work properly and the browser remains on the old version once relaunched. If this does happen, instead of using the relaunch button I close the browser from the top right then relaunch it from the icon. This usually will work and the browser starts with the new version.

Not sure why the icon would vanish from the taskbar though, Anupam. Have you made sure you have it pinned to the taskbar via the start menu shortcut? I can't recall ever having that happen before.

Anupam 22. Apr 2019 01:22 PM

VPN had started to work fine yesterday after the update. But, today again, it's sometimes working, and mostly not working. Even if it works, it opens the site and then further pages of the sites won't open.

It will show VPN as working... its icon will be blue, and the sites won't open. When I open another tab, the icon will turn yellow to indicate it's not working. It often shows that site isn't able to open. Then suddenly, VPN works again, and site opens a bit, and then stops working again.

I uninstalled and reinstalled again, and it's the same story. Mostly, it's not working, and I am getting irritated. Thinking it's not worth it.

And I had done nothing regarding the icon pinned to the taskbar. When I had installed Opera, it had installed there by itself. Next day, it was gone automatically. It's there again after I reinstalled. Let's see this time.

I installed it just for the VPN, but that itself is giving problems.

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