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Smile Brave browser anyone?

Have been testing Brave a bit since its inception and must admit that its' latest iteration is pretty decent!

On my system it runs faster than any other (doesn't boot as fast as Palemoon or Edge) and is less resource hungry than all (even with Youtube running).

It may not be as feature rich as others for now, but it is steadily improving.
Dark theme recently implemented is a huge plus for me.
But, compatibility with Chrome extensions can't be discarded either.

Do like their forumwith dark option there too!


Windows 10 64bit on the way to test this browser on LinuxMint Cinnamon...
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Brave is one of a few browsers available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS.

Another to keep an eye on is BriskBard.
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I tried it before, using kiwi browser now though

But for me, I see no differences between the chrome forks, I might as well use real chrome
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Vivaldi is a huge improvement over basic Chrome but i just find Brave to be the fastest to surf and most quiet with my laptop.

Brave also has BAT cryptocurrency (something new to me) with a basic 25 (monthly i think) you can give to any site that is able to receive. So, i just gave 10 of them (about $2.50 u.s.) to this site. Every bit makes a difference!
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Might give Brave another try on Windows. Haven't tried it recently but do use the Android version on my phone and tablet and it suits me fine for that. The ad-blocker works well and I like the choice of search engines they provide, especially Qwant Lite which I prefer for mobile devices.

Like others have posted, I do try Chrome forks (other than Opera) and have been using Cent and Kinza for quite some time and have found both to be good - Cent especially. Only thing is with forks that have smaller developer resources is the time that it takes for them to upgrade their browsers to the latest Chrome version. The bigger browsers, Opera, Vivaldi etc. are ahead of the game in that respect. Doesn't make them better though, just maybe more secure.
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