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Default Looking for an alternate browser to IE11

With what I read here so far is FF59 the best install for a newcomer?

in addition, the following was posted in comments on the FF page in the browser list at techsupportalert. Anupam suggested I get my feet wet over here.

Hey folks, I have resisted the change to FireFox or Google browsers since I started with windows 98SE, so a long time. The reason is I never fully trusted myself to delve into areas that were too techie for me.
Now I am on Windows 10 and IE 11 and Yahoo mail tells me it will no longer support IE11 as of July 31 2018 and that I should switch to FF or Ggle, So, my question is twofold The discussion by gizmo.richards on FF ( doesn't say anything about IE11 or Microsoft Edge in relation to FF use, so should it and 2. Can I install FF for Yahoo and use M Edge or IE11 alternately.
I just am not confident enough to run 3 browsers but am also concerned about the learning curve for an entirely new browser.
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Thank you for posting on the forum .

Well, it's time you tried a browser other than Internet Explorer. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised, and might even think why you didn't try any other browser sooner .

You can install three browsers on your system if you want to, and you can open any site on any of them. You can continue to use IE as your main browser, until you get familiar with the other browsers.

Myself, being a long time user of Firefox will of course recommend Firefox to you. Others may suggest Chrome, or other browsers.

Just download the appropriate version of Firefox, 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your Windows, install it, and run it. I will recommend going with the latest version, 61.0.1. I will always recommend latest version of any software, specially a browser, because it will have all the bugs fixed and comes with latest security patches. Download Firefox as posted here:

You already know how to use a browser, so there should not be much of a learning curve, because the basics, like bookmarks, browsing etc, are the same. Only thing you have to figure out what setting is where. Firefox and Chrome have a lot of extensions/add-ons, which make them different from IE. You can get to know them after you are familiar with the browsers.

Don't be overwhelmed.. take it slow. Things don't always seem easy when you are using something for a long time, and then look for a change. But, I am sure you will be used to a new browser soon enough. Just install one browser, and you will figure things out yourself .

If you have any questions, please ask.
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Thanks for the feedback
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I don't use Firefox or Chrome, but my advice to TexasVet would be to install and try them both. They are both very popular browsers and both receive regular updates. As Anupam has already stated, you don't have to stop using IE as your main browser and you can open either FF or Chrome and use them at your leisure, get the feel of each one and then over time see which one you prefer.

There is no harm in having three, four, or even more browsers installed at once. Nothing to be apprehensive about, they are simply programs installed on your PC and you choose whichever one you want to use, and when. No need to over complicate things. You don't need to use them simultainiously. It's not an issue.

Once installed, they are both ready to use. The steepness of the learning curve then depends on how you want to use them, what suits your needs. Looking through the settings and changing a few will help improve your understanding of the browser. Adding extensions is easy and can enhance your browsing hugely, they are also just as easy to delete if you find they're not for you. Don't be apprehensive about trying a few. Control the learning curve by taking it slowly - and if you do run into any difficulty then post on here and someone will help you. It's that simple.

If you find that either one is not for you then just open the Control Panel on Windows 10, click on Programs and Features, click on the browser you don't want, then click Uninstall.

If you install and try them, either both or one at a time, your confidence will grow as you use them. It should also help your confidence knowing that help is at hand, here, should you need it - and remember that everyone has to learn at the start of anything new.

Don't look at the learning curve for a new browser as daunting, it really isn't. Look at it more as being rewarding and enlightening - an experience that ultimately could benefit you.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained
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