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Anupam 18. Nov 2017 12:16 PM

Basilisk Browser
The team of PaleMoon has released a new browser named Basilisk, which is basically a fork of Firefox, but without the features of Firefox 57, that means, it will be based on the old code of Firefox before 57.

The engine of Basilisk is also a fork of Firefox's engine Gecko.

The browser will support old Firefox add-ons, and will have other features of Firefox too.

It might appeal to the users who don't like the new version of Firefox, and would like to keep using the old extensions.

Further details in this Ghacks article:

Cthulhux 06. May 2018 03:48 PM

My major complaint about Basilisk is that, just like Pale Moon, it uses an outdated GUI. I wonder if that will affect future development.

Meanwhile, they use a new codebase called "UXP", looks like their own successor to XULRunner.

Has anyone tested in it production yet?

satrow 06. May 2018 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by Cthulhux (Post 123570)
Has anyone tested in it production yet?

Production of what? I've been using it as my #2 browser since October 2017.

I could care less about what the GUI of a web browser looks like, it's more important to have all the controls where I can find them 'blindfold' (muscle memory) so my 'work' flow is uninterrupted and I have a stable, consistent browsing experience. Basilisk isn't quite there yet in the GUI department (without installing further Add-ons and possibly modding the CSS files), so Pale Moon remains my #1 browser.

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