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Cthulhux 01. Oct 2017 02:28 PM

Firefox 57 beta
My Firefox automatically updated to version 57 "beta" two days ago, to be released in mid-November. I guess this might be interesting for some of you, so here are my first impressions:
  • With the demise of XUL, a lot of extensions won't be possible anymore, others will be "just broken". The list of dead add-ons includes Vimperator, DownThemAll!, OpenDownloadČ and Xmarks. Note that a list of possible replacements exists, listing various qualities.
  • It sure is fast as hell, at least. I still managed to make it freeze on a MediaWiki site (it tends to do that).
  • There are APIs yet to be implemented, e.g. a way to hide the default tab bar. There are a number of "vertical tabs" extensions, but to hide the default one, you'll need to use userChrome.css for now.
  • I actually like the new UI, but I really miss the flexibility of old XULFox.

FWIW, I'm working on a free and self-hosted Xmarks alternative, primarily targeting Firefox and Chrome for the time being. If you are interested in contributing, please message me.

Anupam 02. Oct 2017 08:10 AM

How did Firefox update automatically to a beta version? Were you using a different version than the regular one?

XMarks isn't going to die, there will be a webextension for it. I wrote to them myself, and they replied so, as I posted here:

Cthulhux 02. Oct 2017 08:27 AM

I've been using the Firefox beta versions since the existence of the beta channel and they usually update to newer beta versions as well. :) And this is the first time I think this was a horrible idea. The current beta version lacks APIs and has freeze issues left to iron out; and, of course, many dead add-ons, e.g. mine.

Hmm, Xmarks has a working Chrome extension, porting it should be easy according to Mozilla. Sadly, I spent my weekend writing my own one and it's mostly complete now. Well... :D
Let's see if they can still surprise me.

danielson 02. Oct 2017 02:27 PM

As per previous, 46b did update to 47 here too.

At this stage of the game, Firefox looks more like the Maxthon Nitro experiment.
With 95% of my favorite extensions gone and the likelihood of never seeing them again, it'll be a long time before it can claim my heart as it did in the past.

deya 02. Oct 2017 04:06 PM

I've not used FF for a long time. Thought I'd give this version a go - 57.0b4 (64bit)

Seems a bit strange at first. Some things look a bit different to what I've become used to, can't set a default zoom for the browser and the recommended add-on (NoSquint Plus) isn't compatible with this version so I'll have to do it site by site.

Never had any favourite add-ons to begin with so don't miss them like you guys who use it a lot do but anyway, I've installed four so far; Adguard, WOT, Enhancer for YouTube and Note Taker and they all seem to work fine. Set the Theme to solid white, don't like lots of colours and the UI looks quite good. Lots of ways to customise it, something I tend not to have to do anymore with the browsers I use.

Seems quick enough, speed wise, but wouldn't say it was faster than what I use normally. Miss a built in translator and mouse gestures, also speed dial/tableau or whatever, but don't want to load it down with more and more add-ons to acheive that. I do like the way you can remove or add search engines, and set them as default; Qwant, Yandex and so on.

I'm going to keep using it with an totally open mind and see where it goes. Quite enjoying using it, for a change.

Anupam 02. Oct 2017 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by danielson (Post 122277)
As per previous, 46b did update to 47 here too.

Did you mean 56b and 57?

deya 03. Oct 2017 02:03 PM

Had a couple of issues with FF 57 Beta. Machine froze then crashed while running a YouTube video with a couple more tabs open, fine after restart so left it alone but some while later I went to use the machine, woke it from sleep, clicked the FF start menu icon and the machine froze once more. Completely locked. Had to hard reboot. Decided to uninstall the browser, ran Geek but FF wouldn't uninstall. Ended up having to force remove - second time I've had this happen with it. Maybe it's Geek, or FF Beta is just hard to shift.

So decided to try the portable version, which I'm using now and with the same set up as the installed version I had. So far so good, no freezes or crashes. One thing I noticed was CPU was running quite high, and on looking at task manager noticed Windows Search Indexer ran at every page load. Went into index options and unckecked it from search. Not sure if this only happened with the portable, can't say I took too much notice with the installed version although did notice the installed version was a bit heavy on resources at times. Dunno, maybe that was why, or maybe just me.

Not using WOT with this version either, noticed the icon taking too long to load or just being greyed out for most sites. I think the latest WOT extension is becoming a bit of a resource hog, and not just with FF.

Cthulhux 03. Oct 2017 02:10 PM

I agree about the random freezing. It happens to me on MediaWiki sites as well. I haven't been able to safely reproduce the issue just yet though; do you have any add-ons enabled, so maybe I can find a pattern here?

deya 03. Oct 2017 05:09 PM

The add-ons I had enabled were Adguard (adblocker), WOT, Enhancer for YouTube and Note Taker.

First time it happened there was a video playing in a background tab. Without warning, music stopped, followed by the machine crashing and rebooting. Second time, machine came out of sleep mode, clicked start menu, clicked FF icon and the machine froze solid. Hard reboot required.

Have had no issues (so far) with the portable version, 57.0b5 (64bit)

Beta version so problems to be expected. Was odd that Geek struggled to uninstall the standard version though, not had anything do that for a long while.

Cthulhux 03. Oct 2017 05:56 PM

Hmm. None of the add-ons you mentioned are installed on mine. It's probably Firefox itself then.

Have you tried a clean profile? Chances are still that you ran into an update problem.

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