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Anupam 08. Aug 2017 06:33 PM

Firefox 55
Firefox 55 has been released, and is available for download.

Offline setup can be downloaded here:

Release notes:

Lots of changes in this version. Even the setup icon has a new look.

windyctyprog 09. Aug 2017 11:39 PM


Did you upgrade? Any issues? Are you running 32 or 64? How did you install?

I haven't decided what to do yet, run 52 ESR or roll the dice. It is my understanding that once you upgrade to 55, you can't revert to the 52 ESR (or any earlier stable version), and once we get to 56, if you have a 64 bit machine, that's what is downloaded, no choice.

Looking at the Mozillazine forum, a lot of breakage has occurred. Last Pass, as an example, apparently doesn't work with 55, at least not yet.

I'm looking for a long-term solution, not sure where I'm headed.

Tried a few, Waterfox the most recent, but it won't save my preferences, especially search engines. No help from the developer either, seemingly not interested.


Anupam 10. Aug 2017 09:40 AM

Yes, I did upgrade. I am using the 32-bit version, since my OS is Windows 10 32-bit.

I haven't faced any issues. My add-ons continue to work. I don't have many add-ons though... just four.

ublock origin

Of these, it seems like FEBE wont have a webextension sadly. I consider it to be a must-have add-on, so I will really miss it. But, I will keep using Firefox even then, because it's the only browser that suits me.

For other three, webextensions are in progress. I was in doubt about Xmarks, another of my must-have add-on, so I wrote to them yesterday asking if a webextension was in progress, and they said it is.. so that's quite a relief.

Xmarks is from LastPass itself, and I have read that LastPass webextension is also in progress.

All the add-ons are currently working on Firefox 55. They are marked as "Legacy" now though, in the add-ons tab.

LastPass should be working too. Can you post the mozillazine thread here, where they posted it's not working?

If you search on Reddit etc, people are posting about alternatives to add-ons which won't have webextension, or what is the status of the popular add-ons. I found link to one such spreadsheet from a Reddit thread.

You can take a look.

Ghacks has posted an article on how you can keep using legacy add-ons. He has suggested ESR.

Yes, you cannot downgrade once you upgrade to Firefox 55. But, I think you can always uninstall it fully, if you wish to install a previous version.

For every new Firefox version, I always uninstall, and then install the new version, atleast on my main desktop. On my laptop, I just install over the previous version. So, this time too, on my desktop, I uninstalled Firefox 54, and then installed Firefox 55.

There is still time for Firefox 57. By then, most of the popular add-ons should have been ported to webextension. Those which won't be ported, it will be unfortunate for the users, but I believe that maybe someone will develop a webextension similar to them sooner or later.

Personally, I will continue to use Firefox. With time, they have to evolve to keep up with the technology, and also in the market. So, they have been moving in right direction. A big change always brings some difficulties, but if it's for the better, it's good. Users might miss some add-ons, but alternatives should come up with time....maybe with new developers. I think it will be fine.

windyctyprog 10. Aug 2017 12:32 PM

Anupam, thanks, as always.

FF is the only browser I have ever used, from Netscape on through today. Pale Moon is my back-up, that's it.

I've tried a few new ones, UR, Vivaldi, some other niche browsers, not to my liking, Opera's new ownership is problematic for me and the work I do, I will not use Chrome. Period, nor IE, I have no desire to move to Win10, so Edge is not going to be an option.

I mentioned Waterfox, he's a one-man band, support, in my experience, was completely lacking when I had recent issues after I downloaded it to test.

As for Last Pass:

I have tracked most of my extensions on Martin's site (Ghacks), didn't know the other site existed, so thanks for that link.

Most of my privacy and security add-ons will remain - WOT, UBlock, Decentraleyes, a few won't like Better Privacy. Classic Theme Restorer won't, this is a big one for me, and Tab Mix Plus, a great add-on, may or may not, the author wants to port it, but needs Mozilla's formal assistance, which he asked for, pending right now.

I may just download ESR, be done with it until I have time, then monitor FF 57 see how it goes/looks.

Again, thank you, this helps. :D

Anupam 10. Aug 2017 05:17 PM

Glad to be of help :).

Like you, I too won't use Google Chrome. Have never installed it on my system. I just don't like that browser. It's only sad that so many browsers are now based on Chromium, and have lost their individuality in a sense, since whatever features they offer, the base remains the same.

Firefox too has adopted the Chrome look, but it still retains its individuality, and thank goodness for it. I too have tried several browsers, but Firefox remains the go-to browser for me.

From the links, it seems like LastPass is indeed having troubles. Though it's mentioned that the latest beta is working fine. Maybe you can try that.

windyctyprog 10. Aug 2017 06:02 PM


My pleasure, you always are a huge help...:D

trainman261 10. Aug 2017 07:55 PM

The main problem here is really what can even be done with WebExtensions. If WebExtensions had the same possibilities as the previous system, most of the extensions would be ported, and some wouldn't make it because they have niche applications and the developer disappeared. That would still be a bad scenario, but we're dealing with an even worse scenario: WebExtensions is less flexible and less powerful than the legacy system.
That's the real problem here. Many functions that were accessible to add-on developers are unavailable in WebExtensions. You won't see an equivalent to (most of) what Tab Mix Plus has to offer, you won't see an equivalent to classic themes restorer, you won't see an equivalent for beyond Australis, because you cannot create that functionality with the WebExtensions system, unless you somehow figure out a way to do "code yoga" around it. And having to do something like that can drive a developer up the wall.
Here's the biggest problem: this can and will push people not to update their browsers, because that update essentially will remove functionality.
Anyway, sorry if that sounded a bit blunt, I'm just really frustrated about this (can you tell?), and I thought it should be said (although I don't think it's the first time it's been said here). The target should be, of course, the mozilla developers, but they seem to be digging their heads in the sand. The heads of mozilla should be ashamed of themselves for pulling this not only ridiculous, but also dangerous stunt.

bo.elam 10. Aug 2017 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by Anupam (Post 122021)
Glad to be of help :).Firefox too has adopted the Chrome look, but it still retains its individuality, and thank goodness for it. I too have tried several browsers, but Firefox remains the go-to browser for me.

Actually, in Firefox 57, Firefox its getting away from the Chrome look. The other day when I tested 57, I was impacted immediately when Firefox pop up open. I liked what I saw.

So, I am getting the feeling that we who like Firefox as is now are going to be OK with the new Firefox. You use 4 extensions I use 4 extensions, we are going to be OK. People who use 29, that's a different story but I am not worried anymore.

Relax, windyctyprog, Firefox 57 its going to be fine. :cool:


Anupam 11. Aug 2017 09:08 AM

Firefox updated to 55.0.1.

Release notes:

The Firefox site now correctly shows if your Firefox is out of date. Earlier, sometimes it showed correct, sometime not. Mostly on a major version change, but even then, not necessarily.

The update notification for a newer version has also changed in the browser. Even if I select "Not now" for the update, it shows a little green UP arrow in the menu icon. This is a good feature to remind users about a pending update.

Anupam 16. Aug 2017 06:38 PM

Firefox has been updated to 55.0.2.

Release notes:

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