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Anupam 11. Jan 2017 07:36 AM

Thank you for the update satrow :).

Yes, seems like it's deliberate from Adobe.

Anupam 11. Jan 2017 07:41 AM

The flash player link for ActiveX is the same as the NPAPI plugin, in both places in the article. I think that's a mistake.

satrow 11. Jan 2017 03:55 PM

Yes, that looks like a second Edit, I've contacted Corrine about it.

Thanks, Anupam.

satrow 11. Jan 2017 05:39 PM

It'll be updated very soon.

Until Adobe messes everyone around again, for new updates where the new version number is known, the same URL naming formula should apply.

Anupam 11. Jan 2017 06:39 PM

Thank you very much satrow :). Yes, the page has been updated now with the correct link.

satrow 11. Jan 2017 07:31 PM

Ah yes, so it has :)

Ghostwalker 30. Jan 2017 01:09 PM

Hello Everyone - been wanting to join for awhile.
Once i registered to respond to this post i almost was going to abort this particular message seeing the newer direct dl links.
I research like crazy and ran across these other links on:

At the bottom of the page under "Still having problems?" are direct links to offline downloads.

Hope this helps :)

Anupam 30. Jan 2017 07:34 PM

Welcome to the forum Ghostwalker.

Thank you for the link. Great find :).

EldonW 30. Jan 2017 08:01 PM

Yes, thank you for the link Ghostwalker :)

Anupam 14. Feb 2017 01:15 PM

Adobe Flash Player has been updated to

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