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Anupam 14. Sep 2016 12:36 PM

Adobe Flash Player 23
Adobe Flash Player has been updated to version

The setup files without any bundled software can be downloaded from here:

The uninstaller can be downloaded from here:

Download and run the uninstaller first to get rid of Flash Player completely, and then install the new version.

The link for the setup files will be decommissioned at the end of this month :(

Mike C 16. Sep 2016 04:22 AM

Just wanted to say thank you, Anupam, for this service. Always nice to know exactly when to do this, as I never permit Adobe to phone out

Anupam 16. Sep 2016 07:02 AM

My pleasure. Glad to know it's helping someone.

EldonW 16. Sep 2016 06:26 PM

Thanks Anupam - I have been keeping an eye on this.
That page and links were to be decommissioned on 22 January 2016.
Adobe just keeps on changing the date.

Anupam 16. Sep 2016 07:05 PM

Yes Eldon, I have been noticing that too. Maybe they are having second thoughts, because of the traffic to that page. Hope they keep delaying it :p

Sope 16. Sep 2016 09:24 PM

Agreed, I continue to appreciate the updates too Anupam.
I also keep hoping the option to download the installers will remain although I suspect that the end is nigh :(

Anupam 16. Sep 2016 09:49 PM

Thanks Sope :)

And yes, I too feel the end is near. Let's see if they really kill that page this month.

Anupam 11. Oct 2016 10:57 AM

Flash Player has been updated to

Sadly, the distribution page, where you could download the offline setup is no longer available now. They finally killed that page. :(

The uninstaller can still be downloaded from its page.

Anupam 11. Oct 2016 11:05 AM

Had to install via an online installer, something which I don't like at all. Why can't they just provide an offline setup like other software? I like to keep the setups of the software for installation at a later time, or for installation on another computer, so these kinds of online installers are a pain, and also account for bandwidth. Why do I have to download it again for a different computer in my home?

The download page also shows the download size as incorrect. After un-selecting the adware options, it shows download size as around 19 MB, which suggests an offline setup file, but what you really get is 1.1 MB of online installer.

I thought the link "Need flash player for a different computer?" would download the offline installer, but no, it too downloads the online one. :mad:

Sope 11. Oct 2016 01:47 PM


Do you know how the automatic updating works with Adobe Flash Players if I were to select the relevant option offered at the end of installation using a previously downloaded offline installer?

May be worth having one other background update service running in order to avoid having to dodge bundled trash?

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