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Anupam 06. Apr 2016 08:20 AM

Vivaldi 1.0 Final
Vivaldi is finally our of beta, and version 1.0 final is available for download from the official site.

Here is the blog post:

danielson 06. Apr 2016 02:04 PM

You got it!
It looks good! :)
Right-click on selected text to new note is a welcome option.

deya 06. Apr 2016 04:09 PM

Well, they got there in the end. Great stuff. Nice to see a final version at last :)

I did a complete clean install for this version. Downloaded it from the official site. It runs very well, although a couple of little niggles that I've experienced in the beta and snapshots are still there but they're not really a problem.

If anyone who hasn't tried Vivaldi before decides to give it a go now, there is a website called Vivaldi Tips which is very helpful for finding your way around the browser. It's here;

Also, you can access extra settings for content by putting this into the address bar;

For the more adventurous you can access Vivaldi Flags by simply typing flags into the address bar and hitting enter. Right clicking in the address bar and selecting Language settings allows you to then choose the language of your choice and also set it to spell check in that language.

To be fair to them I reckon they've done a good job. It's taken them over a year to get to this stage, from the first version release, and I think that's pretty good going.

They've worked very hard, listened to all the feedback, and I for one wish them good luck and success for the future :)

deya 07. Apr 2016 07:41 PM

Minor update to Vivaldi 1.0;

"Shortly after the release of the final we were informed of an issue that could allow a malicious website to trick a user into thinking they were surfing on a different domain. Since we take our users security very seriously, we got this fixed immediately and have just issued a minor update to version 1.0. Windows and Mac users will receive the update via our autoupdate system. Linux users should receive an update via our deb and rpm repositories" .....

deya 08. Apr 2016 05:40 PM

Snapshot 1.1.443.3 - New tab options;

"Today's snapshot is the first in the 1.1 series and we have added a few small features already. We now switch tabs when trying to close a pinned one, provide easier mass closing of tabs, add links to tab stacks by default and provide a new keyboard shortcut to rule them all" .....

danielson 09. Apr 2016 03:29 AM

Notes sync would have been an excellent thing for an official release.
The momentum is good and, in the spirit of what some have pointed out, Vivaldi has done more in less than a year than others in 10!

danielson 13. Apr 2016 02:06 PM

Is it just me?
But, when i start typing in url box i get suggestions, from where i most often chose from links already present in history. Hit enter but end up on same page i'm already on.

deya 13. Apr 2016 06:42 PM

It's a bug, danielson, and one that's been reported before apparently. I've seen comments regarding it on their blog also. It happens for me occasionally, and sometimes the reloaded page overrides my Default Webpage Zoom setting. So no, it's not just you.

This Final version isn't as good as some of the earlier Beta snapshots, for me at least. The tabs latency, closing and opening, is worse than before. I've given up with the speed dial as well, I just don't like it. Opera speed dial and the Yandex tableau are way better, but then that's just my opinion.

I do, and will, keep on using it and trying every release. But I don't yet use it anywhere near as much as I thought I would. The customisation and all the rest of it are great, no doubt about it. But no matter how I have it configured it still doesn't appeal massively to me. Maybe my opinion of it will change after future releases, it's a good browser, but Opera and Yandex - especially Yandex, suit my needs more at this moment in time.

In all honesty I thought the first Final version would be better than it actually is - or maybe I'm being a bit harsh? .... I don't know, but it's still not a browser I could use a lot on a daily basis. It's a project, and one I like to watch developing, but I wish they'd just fix some of the bugs before introducing more and more new features.

Panzer 16. Apr 2016 06:17 AM

deya 18. Apr 2016 04:56 PM

Snapshot 1.1.453.6;

"Further tab closing options, improved dark UI and more import options. We are rapidly closing in on a final 1.1 release now, so let us know if you see any regressions in behaviour since the 1.0 final." ...

Also worth noting, from the blog post;

"Goodbye to old Operating Systems .... With Vivaldi version 1.1 we will drop support for Windows XP, Vista and versions of MacOSX below 10.9. Recently, the Chromium project dropped support for these older OSes (Operating Systems), since they are no longer actively maintained by Microsoft and Apple. As Vivaldi is a small team at present, so we cannot afford to support these OSes separately" .....

Also came across this piece on How To Geek;

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