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Default Xiaomi Router

Hi guys,

I recently got hold of a Xiaomi Router and tried bridging my ADSL modem over to it.

It works in that I can go online and everything but when I tried testing my firewall on GRC Shield's Up, it shows the first 1056 ports as closed rather than stealth.

I switched back to the ADSL and ran the check again, and it all went back to stealth.

Am I missing something here or is this suppose to be normal?
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It is normal to have closed ports. It is also normal to have stealth ports.

The difference relates to the response from the port:
  • A closed port responds with a reset (RST) packet.
  • A stealth port doesn't respond with any packet.
  • There's also options like sending an error/invalid packet
I don't really care what happens on any port other than the ones that are open, i.e. will form a connection. Although, technically, it is probably better to have all ports responding the same way to invalid attempts to connect.

Assuming a system has open ports then chances are that port scanners will find them. When they do the issue is whether the system is secure enough to protect itself.
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This is worth reading for anyone obsessed with "stealth".
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Thanks for the response guys

I take it that as long as shields up shows that the ports are all closed (regardless of stealth status); I'm good to assume there's little to worry about?
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