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Terarus 15. Mar 2016 12:41 PM

Xiaomi Router
Hi guys,

I recently got hold of a Xiaomi Router and tried bridging my ADSL modem over to it.

It works in that I can go online and everything but when I tried testing my firewall on GRC Shield's Up, it shows the first 1056 ports as closed rather than stealth.

I switched back to the ADSL and ran the check again, and it all went back to stealth.

Am I missing something here or is this suppose to be normal?

Remah 15. Mar 2016 02:28 PM

It is normal to have closed ports. It is also normal to have stealth ports.

The difference relates to the response from the port:
  • A closed port responds with a reset (RST) packet.
  • A stealth port doesn't respond with any packet.
  • There's also options like sending an error/invalid packet
I don't really care what happens on any port other than the ones that are open, i.e. will form a connection. Although, technically, it is probably better to have all ports responding the same way to invalid attempts to connect.

Assuming a system has open ports then chances are that port scanners will find them. When they do the issue is whether the system is secure enough to protect itself.

MidnightCowboy 15. Mar 2016 03:39 PM

This is worth reading for anyone obsessed with "stealth".

Terarus 16. Mar 2016 09:35 AM

Thanks for the response guys

I take it that as long as shields up shows that the ports are all closed (regardless of stealth status); I'm good to assume there's little to worry about?

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