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Default Network security

I have a home network with 6 devices running, one of which is magic jack internet phone. The device that powers this is plugged directly into my router. I got a call from a family member telling me that they were unable to reach me on my home phone. All they got was a recorded message saying my phone# was unassigned. I called from my cell and sure enough, I got the same message. When I contacted Magic Jack, their tech and I worked together to find that some one had hacked into my internet network and it was affecting the Magic Jack. I now have to redo my network and I'm wondering what I can do in addition to my WEP encryption to prevent this from happening again. He was trying to tell me about some sort of service that I can get (they don't provide it) but I was having a hard time understanding him due to his foreign accent.
Does anyone know of additional security for routers? Free or otherwise?
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WEP is easily hackable, you should at least use WPA2 encryption. That is the first essential step, any further hardening is optional and depends on your convenience/security threshold.
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+1 for J_L's comments. WEP was retired in 2004 so nobody should be using it a decade later. It was superseded by WPA which was itself superseded in 2006 by WPA2.

WPA2 is what you should be using but it should be more specifically the variant WPA2+AES.

If you want to know more there are lots of good articles explaining the encryption protocols including this HowToGeek article HTG Explains: The Difference Between WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Wireless Encryption (and Why It Matters) .
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Thanks to both of you!!
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