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Default Tixati v2

Tixati v2 has been released.

Release notes are here:


This new version features a complete makeover of the channels system and it's UI. There is now a common Share view that has a default profile for all channels. There is also a new search view that works on all channels, and a contacts list for easy access to friends. Streaming options have been improved, and the channels themselves have been carefully refined and tested for smoother operation.

There have also been several UI refinements made, including several new top toolbar options in the main view. Right-click the toolbar and look in the Layout submenu to select the different styles.

We have also made several refinements to the bandwidth throttling routines, so that payload packets to a particular endpoint are larger and more sparsely sent out on the wire. This will reduce protocol overhead and improve download and upload performance on high bandwidth connections, and will slightly reduce CPU loading.

The DHT has also had some minor work done to the internal logic. This was mostly to further increase the speed of DHT lookups, and mitigate the impact of certain other clients that are abusing the DHT network with excessive requests.

The Linux version is now built on an updated toolchain to utilize the newest language features and several standard library improvements. Some users may notice better CPU/memory performance on 64-bit Linux machines.

The next release is coming soon and will contain many new improvements to the transfer queuing system, as well as webseeding support.
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