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Concerned User 28. Jan 2015 06:15 AM

Vivaldi Browser - technical preview
The former Opera CEO has come up with a new browser. Their homepage:

Played around a bit with their tech preview version and it does resemble Opera. Quite fast. Hope they get addons support. This browser too uses the Chromium (Blink) rendering engine. Looks promising. If it offers customization and addon support like Firefox, then it would be great.;)

Time to wait and watch whether it will succeed.

Note: this is a technical preview version... not even an alpha or beta, so it is not intended for general usage. Please keep that in mind when you download and use it. Not intended for general usage.

MidnightCowboy 28. Jan 2015 07:26 AM

Deya was trying to post this yesterday but fell foul of our security filter. Finally, I've managed to get a connection and can post it on his behalf:

Vivaldi Browser - Technical Preview

I'm using the new Vivaldi browser, which at the moment is just a Technical Preview - not even an Alpha or Beta yet - so take note of that if you decide to try it.

That said, it runs fine for me so far, no crashes or anything, although there are bound to be a few glitches which, if I come across any, I'll post here.

The browser is Chromium / Webkit based. It's a 35MB download - and is 266 MB installed.

Similar to Opera - speed dial, menu button etc. But there is also a side panel which contains bookmarks, mail, contacts, downloads and notes, same as the 'old style' Opera. Mail doesn't work as yet, but will follow in future releases.

Best thing I can do is post a couple of links to reviews of the browser so you can read them yourself and hopefully form more of an opinion as to whether it might suit your needs.

For a first release, it's a good browser. Plenty of features to try out, settings are there, but slightly basic as yet. Tabs are interesting, colours change according to site etc, and you can also position them where it suits you best - top, left, right, or bottom.

You can close or open the side panel via a button at bottom left - in the status bar, and there's also a button to block images and also a content blocker, which blocks ads quite well.

No extensions as yet, but they're coming. Mouse gestures are built in. You can edit and add search engines - DDG and Startpage are there already. I've added a DDG URL so I get WOT ratings in results and set that to default. Bit quirky but it works.

Vivaldi was founded by Jon von Tetzchner, the ex CEO of Opera Software. They started the Vivaldi community last year, after Opera did away with Opera community - and now they've released a browser to accompany it.

I think this browser will be one to watch - it's available for Windows, Mac and Linux. I don't think these are the kind of guys who are going to mess about when it comes to developing the browser, so expect frequent updates.

I must say, it's good to have Notes built into the browser. I've missed that in Opera. And those who miss the Mail feature may want to take a look at this when it arrives in future releases.

A couple of links - reviews;

... search around and I'm sure you'll find more.

If you want to try it, as I said, it works well. No real problems so far for me. I'm just using it and finding my way around it. It's fast, but not not mega fast, and one or two sites may load slowly. Use 'advanced' during the install and check only the boxes you want - 'Set as Default' .... download location etc. But it installs and runs fine, no problem.

This browser just might put the cat amongst the pigeons, certainly for Opera. It's aimed at power users, the people Opera have alienated since they launched their new style browser. Should be interesting to see where this goes.

Pierre2 28. Jan 2015 09:47 AM

it looks promising,
but: will wait until it has integrated eMail capabilities,
- like the old Opera did have. ..

sicknero 28. Jan 2015 10:10 AM

Thanks for the link, I'll definitely keep an eye on this too :)

Maxthon has been my main choice for some time now but it still falls short of what I'd really like to see in a minimal browser.

Anupam 28. Jan 2015 12:18 PM

Thanks to deya, came to know about Vivaldi yesterday, and from the screenshot on its site, it looked quite interesting. Downloaded and installed it, and have used it briefly.

I initially thought that this browser must be based on a different engine, but was surprised to know that it uses the Blink engine, that Chrome, and Opera use. Disappointing a bit, but well, guess Blink is the trend nowadays.

I noticed the striking similarity in interface between Vivaldi and Opera. Opera have made their browser different from other Chrome/Blink based browsers in terms of interface. Vivaldi have done the same, and the interface looks similar to Opera. When you open the browser, the basic look is the same as that of Opera, with Speed Dial, and its squared icon showing, like in Opera. The sites too are placed the same. If you remove all the sites, the big "Plus" sign too is the same. Opera places Speed Dial, Bookmars and Discover towards the bottom of that page, whereas, Vivaldi places Speed Dial, Bookmarks and History towards the top.. easily noticeable than Opera.

I think this similarity is intentional, to give Opera competition.

I find Opera's interface a bit clearer, probably because Vivaldi by default uses black, and Opera uses a light background.

Once past the interface though, Vivaldi is different from Opera.

Vivaldi has a side panel, which has icons for bookmarks, mail, contacts, downloads and notes.

Initially, I thought the panel will remain like that, and I was disappointed, but later found out, that the panel will close, by clicking on the Show Panel button towards the bottom. I have a faulty mouse, so probably, it did not work before, but, clicking that button, the panel goes away.

Also, in the settings, there is a panel toggle option, which when checked will show a very thin strip with a small arrow, clicking which will also close and open the panel. However, the panel won't disappear completely with that. The thin strip will keep showing, although it won't be noticeable, and won't come in the way. Don't know why they have this option, because even when you select that option, the Show Panel icon is still there.

There is also a Settings icon towards the bottom of the panel, which gives a quick access to the Settings, when the panel is showing.

I find the Settings menu of Vivaldi quite organized, clean, and different... better than Opera, which looks like the rest of the Chrome based browsers. Settings can be shown all at once, which is the default, or can be seen by category.

Had a problem setting the home page though. On most browsers, I keep about:blank as the homepage, and it works well on all browsers, but Vivaldi does not support it. Browsers, like Opera, provide the option to have their start page, with speed dial showing, as the homepage, but Vivaldi again, does not have that option. Strange. Maybe they will provide more options later.

Not much customization currently, but tab position can be changed. Panel can be shown on left or right hand side, and Vivaldi button can be changed with the traditional horizontal menu.

Not many settings currently, but might increase as the browser is developed further, but presently, it looks quite organized, and is quite simple, and not as confusing as the settings in the Chrome based browsers.

The browser has no ad blocker presently, and also was not able to block popups. So, even if you like using the browser, and is fairly stable, these things will be a bother.

One thing which annoyed me, was that I could not get a site to open, by just writing its name, and then trying to open it by pressing Ctrl + Enter, which puts the www and com, and opens the site. Basic operation, but does not work.

Some sites open up pretty fast, but some sites opened up terribly slow. Hope it will improve on this aspect. It is a technical preview, so cannot expect much.

I really liked the feature that when you open a site, and switch to its tab, the tab and the browser icons will change color depending on the major color of that site. Looks quite good. Would have been better if the tabs kept showing that color when it wasn't active, so it would be easy to differentiate between opened sites. Still, a good feature.

There is a trash icon on the tab bar, towards the right, which can be used to open sites that have been closed. Didn't see an empty trash option though.

There are many pre-loaded bookmarks that majority may like. I personally did not.

The bookmarks panel works as a quick access to bookmarks. For more detailed view and operations, the bookmark icon on the start page should be used.

One thing I did not find in the Settings, and neither in the Menu, was for clearing the browsing data. I found it under History on the start page. They should make this available from Settings, or under the Menu. Perhaps they will, later on.

For a technical preview, the browser seems to behave quite well, and is fairly stable. It did crash though, when I tried to open the Rediff site, which opens a pop-up. I had deliberately opened the site, to check for pop-up blocking, and the browser crashed. Had to kill the various processes from Task Manager. Even after starting the browser after that, it tried to open the same tabs as before, and crashed again. Had to again kill it from task manager, and it opened fine on second attempt.

Strangely, the first time it happened, I had Opera open, and I saw opera crash reporter process in task manager, even though Opera had not crashed. Makes me wonder why.

Overall, the browser looks good, and is a very interesting browser. It will be really interesting to see how it develops over time. Considering that many features are planned for later releases, which users will want to see, it can prove to be more popular than Opera. And if it does that, Opera will have to step up on their development, otherwise this browser is going to be a strong competition for Opera. People already seem very interested in it.

Must say, the name, and the logo too are interesting than Opera :D.

deya 28. Jan 2015 12:27 PM

Thanks for that, MC ..... much appreciated :)

Like many other Opera users, I've been kind of searching for something that has the previous Opera feel to it. I've come close, but ultimately that browser has proved to be illusive for so many reasons. With this, Vivaldi, I actually feel like I may have found it. To me, it feels more like Opera than Opera itself - if that makes sense.

Still like and use the latest Opera, so in no way am I criticising it. It's a good browser. But there are still things missing, that shouldn't be. Maybe this link explains it more;

Obviously this technical preview of Vivaldi is just giving people a taster of what's to come, but right from the start it feels like I could migrate over to it. Something that new Opera never gave the feel of at first.

I have no doubt that Vivaldi will succeed in the areas where Opera falls short.

deya 28. Jan 2015 12:37 PM

Anupam, ... just seen your post. Good points and observations. There is a content blocker which you activate from the status bar, next to image blocker. Check the top box and it will block ads, although you have to enable it after each start of the browser. It re-sets itself to off on closing the browser at the moment - at least it does for me.

Anupam 28. Jan 2015 12:54 PM

Thanks deya. Good observation by you. I had not noticed that. Yes, for me too, it resets after each restart. I hope they will work on it, and will make these things more accessible. Have to make users aware of it. Enabling the content blocker however, worked fine in blocking ads.

Another thing that I wanted to mention before... quite a coincidence that Vivaldi has a note taker similar to Spartan. Was going to be a unique thing for Spartan, but now it's available in Vivaldi too. Other browsers may follow suit if this feature takes off.

And I think the tab stacking was idea of Firefox? It wasn't successful with Firefox though.

Oh, and also, tab preview works well in Vivaldi.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 28. Jan 2015 01:39 PM

There appears to a healthy forum, but please note that their servers in Iceland are running very slowly!

deya 28. Jan 2015 01:52 PM

I like the idea of a built in content/ad blocker, as opposed to an extension. Messing about with the filters, there's something mildly pleasing about reading on online newspaper in grayscale, black and white or whatever. The page actions button is a nice touch, I think.

Notes, I've missed in Opera. They've taken it a step further here with the screen capture feature and I like the idea of that as well. I've not used Spartan so can't comment there, but interesting that it's along similar lines. It's a useful tool to have and Opera dropped the ball when they did away with notes.

Tab stacking, if I'm not mistaken was also a feature in the old Opera. Dunno about Firefox but it has been used before. Some will find it useful - and I like the way the tabs change colour for each site in Vivaldi. This is to be a feature of the new Yandex browser - and tabs at the bottom. Surprising how many people prefer the option to have tabs at the bottom of the browser.

Early days, but very promising. Innovation. Good to see.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 28. Jan 2015 02:20 PM

I have always had a secondary browser and in the past I have used Opera, Maxthon and more recently Comodo Dragon (I never did like Chrome). As Comodo has slain the dragon I decided, thanks to this thread, to install Vivaldi and I'm very impressed with the browser, especially as it's only a tech preview.
I'm looking forward to further developments and improvements! :)

deya 28. Jan 2015 04:04 PM

The forum that torres linked to is a good thing, a good place to search if you come across any issues, chances are the answers may be on there. It's certainly taking some initial hammer - the forum, but maybe it'll speed up once things settle. Doesn't seem too bad for me at the moment, page loading speed.

One slight glitch I noticed here. If I open a new tab and load a site, the hide images, page actions and zoom function are sometimes dead - greyed out. But by moving the cursor over the zoom slide bar - not the round zoom button - and clicking, the buttons then become active and I can access them.

One thing I do like is the choice of search engines, DDG, StartPage etc - although no Bing, and the ability to manage and delete selected engines, and also adding your own choices. The browser isn't Google-ized. Opera still fails to give you the option to delete them - or set your own choice as default. Revenue, I know. But still .....

Also, the invert filter is a bit wild on the eyes - in a freaky sort of way, and I prefer the black and white filter to greyscale as it boldens and sharpens the text, enhances it, for my eyes at least.

Qualys shows the browser as Google Chrome v: 40.0.2214.89. The latest is v: 40.0.2214.93 so maybe the next update will address that - or Qualys gets it wrong. Dunno.

Also had a rummage around in vivaldi flags but don't think I'll mess with it or attempt to change anything just yet. Maybe wait until future releases. Quite happy to use as is at the moment.

George.J 28. Jan 2015 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy (Post 107559)
Finally, I've managed to get a connection and can post it on his behalf:

Deya was a "he" :eek:

deya 28. Jan 2015 06:53 PM

"Deya was a "he" ..... yes, he is. Although I have been known to act like a big girl on the odd occasion :D

Installed an extension, AdBlock, following a post on Vivaldi forum. Works perfect. Thought I'd try it mainly just to see if it worked, but also to see if it would override the page action/content blocker issue - where it re-sets on browser close.

I'd prefer the built in blocker to be honest, so the extension will be temporary until the next build. Anyway, the extension works, no icon in the UI but that doesn't bother me. Just open chrome extensions page and the options are there, and you can also delete it from there if required. The extension doesn't seem to have any detrimental effect on Vivaldi, or its performance.

Also, I read a post where someone reported that closing the browser while the settings window was open broke the browser. Tried it, it's correct. On trying to open the browser all that loads is the settings window, not the browser. So had to uninstall Vivaldi and start again - fresh download and install. So just thought to post that here for anyone who might be tinkering around with Vivaldi. Make sure you close the settings window before closing the browser.

AdBlock installed, and WOT in DDG via my URL. That's all I need for now.

deya 29. Jan 2015 04:45 PM

Installed WOT extension now. Same again, no UI icon but the extension shows up in Vivaldi extensions page. I get the WOT ratings in all search results with the engines I've tried; Google, Bing, DDG, Ixquick, Startpage etc. Clicking on red links also brings up the WOT warning.

Kept on having a few niggly issues with my WOT URL code, and can't be bothered changing DDG settings every time I clear browsing data. So thought I'd give it a go (the extension) and it works. Not perfect because of the lack of UI icon, but good enough. Again, it doesn't seem to be having any negative impact on Vivaldi performance.

Sorry to bump the thread - just random experiments and thoughts. Got the set up exe ready now in case I break it again, but so far Vivaldi's running fine with the two extensions installed.

Anupam 29. Jan 2015 05:11 PM

No need to be sorry for posting your experience with the browser, it's more than welcome. Good to see that it's working well. Must say that for a technical preview, it works well.

If this browser indeed offers the features that Opera misses on, old Opera users will certainly switch.

deya 29. Jan 2015 08:32 PM

ok no worries, Anupam. Thanks.

Forgot to mention that you also get WOT in the right click context menu to 'open WOT scorecard' so you can check links on any page before opening them, if you want to. So it's working as it should, apart from no icon. As a rule, I don't like searching without WOT. It's served me well over the years, and although there are workarounds to use it in other browsers that don't support it I much prefer to have it available via the extension. So it's a big plus.

Both these extensions are very easy to install. Tried a few others but no luck, didn't work. The AdBlock extension works better than the built in content blocker, so just using that. The built in blocker was letting a few stuff through for me, like those annoying uTube ads. AdBlock gets rid of pretty much everything. Much better.

Anupam 03. Feb 2015 07:29 PM

Just read on Ghacks, that a new build of Vivaldi is available on their blog.

Seems like they will be putting out weekly snapshots, so that users can follow the updates closely.

The build has not been transferred to the main Vivaldi site yet, and they will do so shortly, when they make sure that no major issues are there with the latest build.

This build has fixed the issue about www and com not being added to the site name via Ctrl + Enter, so that's a good thing. Several other fixes are there.

The browser has generated quite a lot of interest, and will be good for users to get weekly snapshots, and it will certainly keep them excited.

deya 03. Feb 2015 08:57 PM

Did an over the top install of the latest build. No problems here. Everything saved, bookmarks, notes, and my extensions. Browser's running fine. Maybe a bit of an issue with a couple of site tabs colouring - can't really remember what colour they were before to be honest but something in my minds eye tells me one or two I've tried look different.

Anyway, main thing is that the update went well. You can only do it manually, though.

danielson 04. Feb 2015 02:57 PM

I'm a die-hard Firefox user but have always admired what Opera could do and their forum was a supercharged arena, a fun place to visit, a place where devs would interact with users too!
Those days are long gone but Vivaldi seems to be on the verge of bringing back that enthusiasm. Time will tell.

Will i go back to Vivaldi? Not sure, you can only spread your attention span so far.
Had hopes with Maxthon but they keep on coming up with new versions that are always incomplete.

deya 05. Feb 2015 04:40 PM

Couple more extensions installed now. Added Click&Clean, mainly because you can set it to auto clear data when the browser closes. Would be good if that feature is added to Vivaldi settings in the future. Just my preference.

Also installed ÁBlock ad blocker. I use it in Opera so thought to see if it would run in Vivaldi, which it does. A bit lighter than AdBlock, more effective and with more filter options. Kept AdBlock installed for now, but disabled it. Hoping that the built in content blocker improves in future updates so I don't have to bother with ad blocker extensions. Think that could take a while though, and I'm happy to carry on using ÁBlock anyway.

Lots of downloads for the browser according to the latest blog post;

See if it keeps increasing once the initial novelty wears off.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 05. Feb 2015 05:35 PM

Hi deya,

I would greatly appreciate if you could tell where you are getting the extensions from and how you're installing them in Vivaldi.



deya 05. Feb 2015 09:16 PM

torres, yes, no worries. Don't know which you want to install. Anyway, these three are very easy to install - WOT, AdBlock and Click&Clean, from the developer sites.

For WOT, using Vivaldi, load this page;

Click the large button at left of page - 'Download add-on for Chrome' - and add the extension.

Next, copy and paste this into a new tab to open the Vivaldi extensions page;


.... you should see the extensions page, with WOT installed. Just like any other Chromium browser. It should be enabled by default, the extension that is.

For AdBlock use this link;

...... click 'Get AdBlock Now' - then add the extension. Use the options to set your filters, either from the page that loads on install, or from the options link on the extensions page.

Click&Clean is here;

Scroll down the page to the blue box - 'Add To Chrome' ... click it, then follow the prompts to install it. Set your options.

Just remember that you won't get the toolbar icons with any extension, so remember to save the Vivaldi extensions page to your bookmarks then you can use that to future access your extensions.


Installing ÁBlock requires a different method, as do many other extensions. You need to download and install the .CRX file - here;

Latest release is so scroll down to the green box and download ''

Unzip the file then move it to, say, Documents. Open Vivaldi extensions page and check the box to open 'Developer Mode' - at the top of the page. Now you'll see the three boxes. Click the one on the left, 'Load unpacked extension' .. and from the pop up box, navigate to Documents (or wherever you saved the unzipped file) .. select it, and click open.

ÁBlock should appear in your extensions page. Use the options link to set as desired.


As I mentioned before, the AdBlock extension works well and is the easier of the two to install. So if you don't want to bother messing around with .CRX files I'd use that one. Personal choice. I just prefer ÁBlock.

Hope you can follow my instructions ok. If not, let me know if you have any problems and I'll help if I can.

danielson 06. Feb 2015 02:59 AM

Keep 'em coming Deya!

Thought i read somewhere that Vivaldi integrates "find as you type" search just like Firefox.

MidnightCowboy 06. Feb 2015 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by danielson (Post 107778)
Those days are long gone but Vivaldi seems to be on the verge of bringing back that enthusiasm. Time will tell.

This is a good observation.

I would certainly have used (the old) Opera full time but it did not support the spellchecker in our site editor which is a must have for checking articles.

deya 06. Feb 2015 02:00 PM

@ danielson, I'm not sure about FAYT in Vivaldi. Can't say I've come across it anywhere, but that doesn't mean to say it doesn't exist somewhere. It's not something I use or am familiar with to be honest. Maybe it's there but not activated. Doesn't seem to be working, for me at least. If I come across anything I'll post it here, though.

As for more extensions, I'm not a massive user of them so the ones I've listed previously are pretty much it, in terms of what I have installed. I have tried Ghostery and that does install easily, from here;

Just click on the 'Add to Chrome' button then add it to the browser. It'll then take you through the set up process and you can set your preferences. Don't know how well it works, haven't really used it so deleted it. It's not something I normally use but anyone who does could try it, if they're using Vivaldi, and see how it goes.

For anyone who's interested you can access Vivaldi flags, here;


... and Vivaldi plug-ins, here;


Word of caution, though - mess around with them at your own risk!. Which goes without saying really.

Also, - vivaldi://bookmarks - will open the bookmarks manager ... you can bookmark the page for future use.

danielson 06. Feb 2015 02:55 PM

Thank you Deya!
Now if can only find a way for Vivaldi to startup with default website instead of "last opened"...

deya 06. Feb 2015 04:29 PM

I usually just close tabs to speed dial before exiting the browser, that way it re-opens on speed dial. Although it does occasionally open on my homepage instead. Obviously a bug. Would be good to have the option to open a specified page at start-up, in settings. I'm sure it will come in the future - unless I'm missing something now.

There's a whole list of Vivaldi URL's, here;


Most work, some don't. You can explore it a bit more from those - again, at your own risk :)

Reason I use the bookmark manager page I mentioned, even though there is one to access from the speed dial, is that by using it you can have the option to 'Reorder by title' Which you don't get in the speed dial one. Just personal preference.

You can change the language settings by right clicking in the address bar. Then from the drop down menu select 'Spell-checker options' then 'Language settings'. Then just like any other Chrome browser, click 'Add' in the language settings window and select your preferred language from the drop down list and also set it to spell check in that language ie, for me, English (United Kingdom). You can't do that via the Vivaldi settings .... and I mention this because it may be some use to MC after reading his post about spell checking on the site. Don't know, not sure if it works like that.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 06. Feb 2015 07:21 PM

Many thanks deya for your detailed explanations and links. I have installed AdBlock, WOT and Click&Clean.
I did try installing ÁBlock, but got he following message: Could not load manifest. I tried several more times, but opted to install AdBlock without a hitch.
BTW when installing Click&Clean it asked whether I wanted to also install appnhost.msi. the file is mow in my Downloads folder, but I haven't installed it. Did you bother with this?
I have now saved the extensions page URL in my bookmarks as per your recommendation and also changed the English from USA to UK. :)

Looks like I owe you a few beers! :D

maxfan 06. Feb 2015 10:04 PM

This is what the new Opera SHOULD have looked like! As one of the unhappy former Opera users, I have tried 5-6 browsers since Opera changed philosophy, none of them are quite right, Maxthon came closest, but this looks great. Definitely faster than Opera 12, but with lots of familiar features to like. Proof that browsers do not all have to look the same. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

kendall.a 07. Feb 2015 12:45 AM

Any idea if there is current support for, or plans for support for Last Pass?

deya 07. Feb 2015 07:39 PM

There have been lots of requests for Last Pass on the Vivaldi forum, some say they're using it already so I had a quick try at installing it but with no luck. As mentioned before, installing extensions at the moment is a bit hit and miss, as torres discovered with ÁBlock. I'm pretty sure it won't be long before extensions are officially supported though, and then you should be able to install it. In the meantime, if I come across anything I'll post it here.

@ torres; couldn't remember the appnhost.msi. file being offered to be honest. Anyway, removed C&C from the browser and then re-installed it. Got the prompt to install appnhost.msi. so did it. Then un-installed the app with Revo. Doesn't seem to make no difference to C&C so if you've not installed it I wouldn't bother, and you could delete the file from your Downloads folder without issue.

Good to see you got the other stuff installed ok ..... send the beers whenever :D

deya 09. Feb 2015 04:27 PM

New Snapshot -, available to download;

Did an over the top install.

No problems. Everything still there and working as previous build - extensions, bookmarks etc.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 09. Feb 2015 05:11 PM

Thanks deya,
I have also done an over the top install without a hitch. :)

deya 09. Feb 2015 06:52 PM

This version seems to be better for me. The ÁBlock filters appear to update quicker and C&C is clearing data on exit - that particular feature was a bit hit and miss with the previous build. Seems the extensions are working better, or maybe it's just me.

Added UI customisation features are quite good. Shows what can be done regarding this, compared with other Chromium based browsers. Interesting read with one of their designers, here;

deya 16. Feb 2015 07:04 PM

New snapshot, available to download;

Over the top install again, no problems. Bookmarks bar in this version. You can move it to top or bottom via settings, or turn it off. There's also a 32 bit Linux version now. And the browser offers 12 new languages.

danielson 16. Feb 2015 08:49 PM

Anyway to install Google Extension that allows us to install some directly from their site just like present day Opera?

Panzer 18. Feb 2015 10:26 AM

Vivaldi on Linux Unplugged:

deya 23. Feb 2015 09:19 PM

Snapshot available;

No problems, over the top update. There's also an 'experimental' 64 bit version now.

@danielson - do you mean this extension?

.. if so then, no, I tried to install it with no luck.

danielson 24. Feb 2015 12:50 PM

Perfect! Thank you.
Sure feels like things are moving fast (at least... compared to Opera).

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