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torres-no-tan-magnifico 10. Mar 2015 06:49 PM

Many thanks for your informative feedback. ;-)

deya 11. Mar 2015 04:08 PM

Another update - Subject: Snapshot Mea Culpa;

"After we released the snapshot yesterday, some observant testers checked the release for the recent FREAK vulnerability, and found that The Linux and Mac versions were vulnerable" .... they forgot to update the normal development code. This update corrects it.

deya 16. Mar 2015 07:16 PM

Weekly snapshot;

deya 23. Mar 2015 07:58 PM

Weekly snapshot;

Best to read the known issues before installing this version.

Known issues

Mouse gestures is broken at the moment
Import of bookmarks broken except from Chrome
Import of passwords from Chrome does not work while Chrome is running
Vivaldi crashes when you open new tab after putting tabs on the side
Context menu on page sometimes does not trigger before second attempt

As it stands, and briefly reading a few posts on their blog, this version would appear to be a bit more buggy than previous builds - which is to be expected with the browser being still in the early stages of development.

So just a caution, if you do install these weekly builds, and the known issues in this one might be a hassle to you (mouse gestures in my case) then you may want to stick with the build you already have installed until these issues are ironed out.

That said, I went ahead and updated it anyway. Mouse gestures definitely don't work but the browser and its settings updated no problem.

danielson 24. Mar 2015 07:10 PM

Hopefully fixed soon.

Isn't it interesting to see how Opera has made some interesting improvements over the last while (see GHacks)? Wonder if Vivaldi has something to do with that?

deya 24. Mar 2015 08:28 PM

Yes, agreed. Opera seem to be upping the pace regarding updates to their various channels and similarities between the two are there to see of late.

I mainly use Opera Developer, now at version 30, which now has a sidebar for extensions. Very similar to Vivaldi's sidebar, as are both start pages/speed dials - history, bookmarks etc.

Of the two, Opera is way more advanced, which is to be expected. But where as Opera relies heavily on extensions, Vivaldi has the features built in.

I have no doubt there's competition between them now. Opera have had a swift kick up the rear end. Good thing. But who's copying who?

danielson 25. Mar 2015 12:46 AM

As usual, your "intuitions" are pretty good Deya!
Opera Developer is nice indeed!
Had tried stable and was unable to install some extensions.
Next and Developer don't have that issue.

Don't want to be picky with Vivaldi, but knowing beforehand that mouse gestures were out of order, i would have preferred they put it out a day later instead. It is after all, a default feature.

danielson 25. Mar 2015 02:24 AM

BTW, forgot to ask how you get side panel in Opera Dev?

deya 25. Mar 2015 07:07 PM

To get the side panel in Opera Dev;

Click the Opera menu button, go to Extensions, then click on Sidebar. The panel will open on the left of screen. To get sidebar extensions, go to the Opera Extensions page and look along the top. You'll see a sidebar link, click on that and the extensions for the sidebar are there. There are about 20 to choose from at the moment.

You can only access the sidebar extensions if you're running Opera Dev - it won't work with Opera Stable at the moment.

deya 26. Mar 2015 06:41 PM

Another update. Version available to download;

Mouse gestures are back, and improved. Quite a few changes in this version so read the page for better info on those.

When I first did the update, which was an auto update via the program, the mouse gestures still didn't work. I got to thinking that maybe I'd trashed my original install of the browser a bit too much over the past few weeks. So I decided to start afresh with a clean install.

Backed up my bookmarks, uninstalled Vivaldi, and started again with a fresh install of this latest version. Things run much better, so imported my bookmarks, re-installed my extensions and now everything is pretty much back as it was and running fine.

One thing, obviously a bug, is that on start-up the auto updater keeps offering me a newer version. Click to update and I get a pop up window asking for a user name and password. So I just click the 'remind me later' option. No big deal, I'll try investigate further.

Glad I decided to do a clean install, it runs much better. Maybe would have been more of a pain if I hadn't used my work around bookmark manager URL which enabled me to back up to HTML, then import them from the same HTML file. Worked perfect, and after a bit of reorganising I'm back to where I was with bookmarks and speed dial.

Also good to see the Vivaldi devs responding quickly to release a newer version to replace the previous one, which was very buggy indeed - for me at least.

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