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deya 25. Feb 2015 07:12 PM

Just checked, and with this latest version you can now install extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store. So you should be able to add what you like now. I've tried a couple just to test and they installed fine. Just remember that you still won't get the extension icons in the UI.

But it's a step in the right direction for those who want to try their favourite extensions.

deya 02. Mar 2015 07:57 PM

Update - Snapshot now available;

Tab pinning and spatial navigation included in this version, amongst other things. No problems with the over the top update. This is the RC for Vivaldi Technical Preview 2.

deya 05. Mar 2015 07:25 PM

Technical Preview 2 available;

No problems with over the top install. Changelog link is on the page.

deya 09. Mar 2015 07:22 PM

Weekly snapshot,;

danielson 09. Mar 2015 08:34 PM

Panda AV is freakin' out with this version.
First it claims it to be a virus with inherent re-boot.
Managed to install it and run it just the same and now after a few tries, it won't even let me run it!

BTW, has Vivaldi figured out a way to make default page load at start?

deya 10. Mar 2015 12:03 AM

Can't help with the Panda issue. I use 360 TS and nothing untoward happened when I installed the latest Vivaldi version.

And, no. Still no setting for default start page. I'm still just going to speed dial before closing the browser, then it opens on that at next start.

danielson 10. Mar 2015 11:55 AM

Thank heaven for a backed up disk image.
Trying 360 TS for the first time and no issues with Vivaldi 64bit - at least for installation. ;)

George.J 10. Mar 2015 12:50 PM

Is there an setting so that only a single process runs just like the old Opera? I know this isn't the safest route, but could be memory efficient.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 10. Mar 2015 01:37 PM

I've just noticed that my Vivaldi folder, under Program Files, is 405 MB in size whereas my Firefox folder is less than 94 MB!
Version occupies 138 MB and version 265 MB. Could I delete the former without affecting the settings I have in the latter?

deya 10. Mar 2015 04:18 PM

George; There is no setting to run Vivaldi as a single process like the old Opera. All these Chrome/Blink, whatever, browsers run multiple processes. Each extension is a separate process, as is each tab, speed dial etc. They're all the same in that respect. It's how they run. You can open the Vivaldi task manager to see what processes are running and the resources they're consuming.

torres; The new Opera does the same, it stores the previous version in the program file. I think I once read somewhere that it does it as a back-up in case anything goes wrong with the latest version. Each time you update, the older version is deleted to be replaced by the latest version and the one previous to that.

You can delete the older version from the file if you want to - I've just done it to check - and the browser still functions as normal. I deleted it to the recycle bin and ran the browser with no issue, then I restored it, because I prefer to leave the two versions installed. I've done the same with Opera in the past with the same result. But if disk space is an issue then yes, you can delete it manually.

Vivaldi, at the moment, is almost twice the file size as Opera. But, like Opera, the file size should decrease as the browser develops, over time. I think it's something they're working on, reducing the file size.

This is the argument that people have about Chrome/Blink being resource hungry, as opposed to Gecko or the old Presto. It's just how they work, it doesn't bother me - and the machine I use for my personal use is hardly state of the art, but I've got enough RAM and disk space so it's not an issue. If, however, you have limited resources then it does become an issue, and this is why people would prefer to use browsers like Otter etc. Less resources.

danielson; an after thought. The first few days I ran Vivaldi I noticed that it created quite a bit of activity from 360 TS. I ran a scan with 360 and it uploaded Vivaldi for file analysis. It then listed the file as safe and since then there have been no more instances of high activity from 360 when running Vivaldi. Maybe Panda was doing something similar? ... wanting to check the file in the cloud? It's still a relatively new file after all. Not sure. Just a thought.

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