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danielson 20. Aug 2015 10:26 PM

Known issues
Links on the history page do not work

deya 21. Aug 2015 09:00 AM

Ah, thanks for that :)

danielson 21. Aug 2015 01:35 PM

You are welcome!

Just noticed new snapshot

They're hard at work!

Do recall how Opera used to have an advertisement that you could remove with payment. Perhaps Vivaldi might want to consider this?

deya 21. Aug 2015 05:05 PM

Saw your post, thanks for that, opened Vivaldi and got the auto update straight away this time. No problems. Yes, they're working hard it seems. Think I saw mention that they'd had the holidays over the last couple of weeks so maybe now they're all back it'll speed up a bit.

Dunno about the payment thing. Companies don't run on fresh air, do they? But surely they must be getting some money from search engine agreements .... who knows?

Maybe like Win10 - Vivaldi as a service :D

CASD 21. Aug 2015 09:55 PM

Is anyone actually using it as their main browser ? I'm not but I do think it's getting close..:)

deya 21. Aug 2015 10:46 PM

I'm not either, still use Opera more than anything and have it set as default. Maybe when Vivaldi enters beta I'll think again. I do use it a lot though and, like you say, it is getting close to being able to consider it as such.

It really does seem to be improving quickly now.

CASD 21. Aug 2015 11:13 PM

Just a side note..Deya Do you know how to increase the tab size in Opera ?

deya 22. Aug 2015 01:15 PM

There's an extension. Don't know if that'll be what you're after. It's not something I've ever done.

There are some extra tab settings in Advanced and power user settings - if you have them enabled? Don't know if they'll be any good to you. I'll have a look around and see if I can find anything, and if I do I'll post it in the Opera thread.

deya 27. Aug 2015 05:28 PM


......'Visual tab cycler and better cookie management'..

Known issues ... worth taking note of these in this release;

Vivaldi is only shown in English

Autoupdate to this version is disabled—we don't want to update people to a language they are uncomfortable with

Tabs opened in the background can't be switched to via Ctrl+Tab

deya 28. Aug 2015 10:59 PM


......'quick fix for languages and improved tab selection for easier tiling'...

deya 03. Sep 2015 01:03 PM


....'Private browsing mode and improved web panels'.....

deya 07. Sep 2015 07:00 PM

Came across this while checking their blog - Welcome to Vivaldi Tips;

Not an official Vivaldi site page, think it's been put together by testers. Quite good though, like a help page for anyone using the browser.

danielson 07. Sep 2015 09:20 PM

Noted! Thank you Deya!
If someone takes the time to build a similar webpage, it's a sure sign that Vivaldi is here to stay.

deya 10. Sep 2015 04:16 PM


...... 'settings in a tab and improved progress indicator'...

torres-no-tan-magnifico 10. Sep 2015 06:43 PM

With the 2 last snapshots I get an 'error cannot update' message. :-(
I haven't tried just downloading and installing yet as this seems to defeat the object of updating via the browser!

deya 10. Sep 2015 07:35 PM

Yes, I've had that happen a couple of times previously. Downloaded the file, updated manually and then it worked after that - the auto update. It's been auto updating fine for me the last couple of snapshots. Weird glitch sometimes. Seen it reported on their site also, by other users.

danielson 10. Sep 2015 09:01 PM

Auto-update went well here.

Win 7 32bit

deya 14. Sep 2015 04:44 PM


... 'A small update to bring you the latest improvements since Thursday—fixes to rewind and zooming and further work on the tab cycler' .....

Auto updated and installed, no problems.

deya 18. Sep 2015 02:39 PM

Snapshot - Bookmarks sorting;

... 'Our focus right now is on bugfixing, so here is another bugfixing build. However, these is also one nice new feature for you, sorting of bookmarks' .....

sicknero 23. Sep 2015 03:45 PM

I've been test-driving this for a few days, I was waiting for the standalone/portable version.

I must say I'm pretty impressed, visually it reminds me a lot of Maxthon but the feel and experience is quite different.

It's very usable already as it is, I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops feature-wise.

kendall.a 23. Sep 2015 06:11 PM

Is there an ability to share favorites across computers or some type of sync process like Maxthon (or other browsers)?

sicknero 23. Sep 2015 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by kendall.a (Post 114281)
Is there an ability to share favorites across computers or some type of sync process like Maxthon (or other browsers)?

"Coming soon", it says on their website re; syncing. I'd like to see Xmarks integration really, but I don't know how much of a priority add-ons are to the devs.

One of the things that's always disappointed me in Maxthon is the lack of Xmarks support, so I have two separate bookmark collections.

kendall.a 23. Sep 2015 09:34 PM


One of the things that's always disappointed me in Maxthon is the lack of Xmarks support, so I have two separate bookmark collections
I've used Maxthon for the last couple of years and just use the syncing/login option and my bookmarks are synced across any computer/tablet that I use.

Due to a number of reasons, I am considering moving from Maxthon to Opera. I have, however, been watching this thread with interest.

sicknero 23. Sep 2015 09:41 PM


Originally Posted by kendall.a (Post 114287)
I've used Maxthon for the last couple of years and just use the syncing/login option and my bookmarks are synced across any computer/tablet that I use

Yes, same here ... what I meant though is that I'd like to have my bookmarks sync'd across different browsers as well as machines.

I've been following the thread too, this does look like it could be a very good browser.

deya 24. Sep 2015 05:09 PM


....'Fixes to typed history, keyboard shortcuts for web panels and visual polishing' ....

sicknero 24. Sep 2015 08:06 PM

I'm having trouble finding out where one goes to report bugs in Vivaldi? Is it necessary to create an account at

I'm still liking it very much but as I use it more I am finding various bugs/erratic behaviours on some of the sites I frequent and in the browser itself.

This latest update, when I click to hide the sidebar the whole thing vanishes and it's necessary to use the View menu to show it again. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm running the x64 portable version.

deya 24. Sep 2015 08:09 PM

Out of interest, I installed the Xmarks extension to the latest snapshot but it doesn't work. The icon is there but when you click it nothing happens, just a blank window. Tried the options via extensions manager but again, clicking the buttons, nothing happens. You can't even sign in.

There look to be many bookmark sync extensions in the Chrome store so maybe one of those will work - but you'd just have to try them one by one to find out I suppose.

In Opera I use Nimbus, the screen capture tool, but again it doesn't work with Vivaldi. It's one of the reasons I only have two extensions installed in the browser because at the moment some are very hit and miss.

As for built in sync, it's a question I've seen asked many times on their blog and they do say it's a feature that will appear in the future, but who knows when is anybody's guess. Maybe in the Beta release, which may or may not be the end of this year or early next ... it's all speculation.

It's a good browser now, even at this relatively early stage, but it will be an excellent browser in the future. No doubt about that. I did set it as default browser a while back, just to try, but it was a little bit frustrating at times. Opera is my default, it suits my needs for now. Vivaldi's day will come though, but it's a while away yet.

sicknero 24. Sep 2015 08:32 PM

I agree, I think it will be excellent when the first proper release is up and running. It will probably replace Maxthon for me as a secondary browser.

I read a piece about installing ublock but it seemed a bit convoluted with no guarantee of it working properly, I guess the same applies with other extensions.

I'm just giving the x86 version a spin, it seems better than the x64 and some of the bugs I noticed before have gone.

(Settings etc have migrated easily just by copy-pasting the UserData folder)

deya 24. Sep 2015 08:44 PM

I've only ever reported a bug using the forum, never used the bug wizard, but you'll have to have an account for either. You get a free email account thrown in though.

If you have a problem with the side bar open/closing via the task bar button try using F4 instead. I use that all the time. ...... the 64 bit build is experimental so best stick with the 32 bit builds if you want better stability for now.

uBlock works well for me, that's one of the two I have installed. WOT is the other. Many others do work well though, it's just some that don't so it's trial and error.

edit: I was wrong. You don't seem to need an account to report a bug. Do it here;

sicknero 24. Sep 2015 09:23 PM

Thanks deya : )

I'll have a trawl through first and see if things have been reported already. I'm not so fussed about stability at this stage so I'll report the x64 issues too.

deya 01. Oct 2015 05:05 PM

Snapshot - Geolocation support;

'In today's snapshot we have yet another large selection of bugfixes! A particularly important one being off-screen thumbnail generation for Speed Dial. In addition to the bugfixes, we have also added support for Geolocation' .........

danielson 01. Oct 2015 10:16 PM

They've re-instated zoom in/out shortcuts (ctrl++ etc.) but i prefer using scroll with mouse.
Is there a way to adjust those options for that?

deya 02. Oct 2015 06:01 PM

I use the zoom slider in the task bar, set it for various sites and leave it because it remembers the settings. But I just tried the ctrl options and ctrl++ doesn't work. Ctrl+- works, as does ctrl+0. Strange, maybe a bug. Don't know of a way to adjust the options you mention.

deya 06. Oct 2015 06:52 PM


'A focus on bug fixing'.......

deya 14. Oct 2015 05:44 PM

Snapshot - more bugfixes ...... ;

"Today's snapshot continues to focus on bugfixing and polishing, as we move ever closer towards a beta. We have closed 50 of your issues since the last snapshot, with highlights including further fixes to thumbnails (with more to come) and Private Windows now displaying correctly on Mac" ...

deya 21. Oct 2015 05:57 PM

Snapshot 1.0.303.22 - Further stablization;

"Another bug fixing build with quite a few important fixes, including a significant memory leak and a re-fix for IME. There are still more to come before we reach beta" .....

deya 22. Oct 2015 05:57 PM

Snapshot 1.0.303.23;

"Tab and Thumbnail improvements" ....

danielson 23. Oct 2015 02:42 PM

Not so sure about those "tab and thumbnail improvements".
Upgraded over existing installation and thumbnails aren't responding.

deya 23. Oct 2015 05:22 PM

Snapshot 1.0.303.27 - Further tab fixes and search field improvements;

"... Today we clean up the known tab issues from yesterday's snapshot and bring some polish to the search field" ...

Maybe that'll fix the issues you have, danielson.

danielson 23. Oct 2015 09:21 PM

Much better! :cool:

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