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deya 05. Feb 2015 04:40 PM

Couple more extensions installed now. Added Click&Clean, mainly because you can set it to auto clear data when the browser closes. Would be good if that feature is added to Vivaldi settings in the future. Just my preference.

Also installed ÁBlock ad blocker. I use it in Opera so thought to see if it would run in Vivaldi, which it does. A bit lighter than AdBlock, more effective and with more filter options. Kept AdBlock installed for now, but disabled it. Hoping that the built in content blocker improves in future updates so I don't have to bother with ad blocker extensions. Think that could take a while though, and I'm happy to carry on using ÁBlock anyway.

Lots of downloads for the browser according to the latest blog post;

See if it keeps increasing once the initial novelty wears off.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 05. Feb 2015 05:35 PM

Hi deya,

I would greatly appreciate if you could tell where you are getting the extensions from and how you're installing them in Vivaldi.



deya 05. Feb 2015 09:16 PM

torres, yes, no worries. Don't know which you want to install. Anyway, these three are very easy to install - WOT, AdBlock and Click&Clean, from the developer sites.

For WOT, using Vivaldi, load this page;

Click the large button at left of page - 'Download add-on for Chrome' - and add the extension.

Next, copy and paste this into a new tab to open the Vivaldi extensions page;


.... you should see the extensions page, with WOT installed. Just like any other Chromium browser. It should be enabled by default, the extension that is.

For AdBlock use this link;

...... click 'Get AdBlock Now' - then add the extension. Use the options to set your filters, either from the page that loads on install, or from the options link on the extensions page.

Click&Clean is here;

Scroll down the page to the blue box - 'Add To Chrome' ... click it, then follow the prompts to install it. Set your options.

Just remember that you won't get the toolbar icons with any extension, so remember to save the Vivaldi extensions page to your bookmarks then you can use that to future access your extensions.


Installing ÁBlock requires a different method, as do many other extensions. You need to download and install the .CRX file - here;

Latest release is so scroll down to the green box and download ''

Unzip the file then move it to, say, Documents. Open Vivaldi extensions page and check the box to open 'Developer Mode' - at the top of the page. Now you'll see the three boxes. Click the one on the left, 'Load unpacked extension' .. and from the pop up box, navigate to Documents (or wherever you saved the unzipped file) .. select it, and click open.

ÁBlock should appear in your extensions page. Use the options link to set as desired.


As I mentioned before, the AdBlock extension works well and is the easier of the two to install. So if you don't want to bother messing around with .CRX files I'd use that one. Personal choice. I just prefer ÁBlock.

Hope you can follow my instructions ok. If not, let me know if you have any problems and I'll help if I can.

danielson 06. Feb 2015 02:59 AM

Keep 'em coming Deya!

Thought i read somewhere that Vivaldi integrates "find as you type" search just like Firefox.

MidnightCowboy 06. Feb 2015 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by danielson (Post 107778)
Those days are long gone but Vivaldi seems to be on the verge of bringing back that enthusiasm. Time will tell.

This is a good observation.

I would certainly have used (the old) Opera full time but it did not support the spellchecker in our site editor which is a must have for checking articles.

deya 06. Feb 2015 02:00 PM

@ danielson, I'm not sure about FAYT in Vivaldi. Can't say I've come across it anywhere, but that doesn't mean to say it doesn't exist somewhere. It's not something I use or am familiar with to be honest. Maybe it's there but not activated. Doesn't seem to be working, for me at least. If I come across anything I'll post it here, though.

As for more extensions, I'm not a massive user of them so the ones I've listed previously are pretty much it, in terms of what I have installed. I have tried Ghostery and that does install easily, from here;

Just click on the 'Add to Chrome' button then add it to the browser. It'll then take you through the set up process and you can set your preferences. Don't know how well it works, haven't really used it so deleted it. It's not something I normally use but anyone who does could try it, if they're using Vivaldi, and see how it goes.

For anyone who's interested you can access Vivaldi flags, here;


... and Vivaldi plug-ins, here;


Word of caution, though - mess around with them at your own risk!. Which goes without saying really.

Also, - vivaldi://bookmarks - will open the bookmarks manager ... you can bookmark the page for future use.

danielson 06. Feb 2015 02:55 PM

Thank you Deya!
Now if can only find a way for Vivaldi to startup with default website instead of "last opened"...

deya 06. Feb 2015 04:29 PM

I usually just close tabs to speed dial before exiting the browser, that way it re-opens on speed dial. Although it does occasionally open on my homepage instead. Obviously a bug. Would be good to have the option to open a specified page at start-up, in settings. I'm sure it will come in the future - unless I'm missing something now.

There's a whole list of Vivaldi URL's, here;


Most work, some don't. You can explore it a bit more from those - again, at your own risk :)

Reason I use the bookmark manager page I mentioned, even though there is one to access from the speed dial, is that by using it you can have the option to 'Reorder by title' Which you don't get in the speed dial one. Just personal preference.

You can change the language settings by right clicking in the address bar. Then from the drop down menu select 'Spell-checker options' then 'Language settings'. Then just like any other Chrome browser, click 'Add' in the language settings window and select your preferred language from the drop down list and also set it to spell check in that language ie, for me, English (United Kingdom). You can't do that via the Vivaldi settings .... and I mention this because it may be some use to MC after reading his post about spell checking on the site. Don't know, not sure if it works like that.

torres-no-tan-magnifico 06. Feb 2015 07:21 PM

Many thanks deya for your detailed explanations and links. I have installed AdBlock, WOT and Click&Clean.
I did try installing ÁBlock, but got he following message: Could not load manifest. I tried several more times, but opted to install AdBlock without a hitch.
BTW when installing Click&Clean it asked whether I wanted to also install appnhost.msi. the file is mow in my Downloads folder, but I haven't installed it. Did you bother with this?
I have now saved the extensions page URL in my bookmarks as per your recommendation and also changed the English from USA to UK. :)

Looks like I owe you a few beers! :D

maxfan 06. Feb 2015 10:04 PM

This is what the new Opera SHOULD have looked like! As one of the unhappy former Opera users, I have tried 5-6 browsers since Opera changed philosophy, none of them are quite right, Maxthon came closest, but this looks great. Definitely faster than Opera 12, but with lots of familiar features to like. Proof that browsers do not all have to look the same. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

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