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torres-no-tan-magnifico 28. Jan 2015 02:20 PM

I have always had a secondary browser and in the past I have used Opera, Maxthon and more recently Comodo Dragon (I never did like Chrome). As Comodo has slain the dragon I decided, thanks to this thread, to install Vivaldi and I'm very impressed with the browser, especially as it's only a tech preview.
I'm looking forward to further developments and improvements! :)

deya 28. Jan 2015 04:04 PM

The forum that torres linked to is a good thing, a good place to search if you come across any issues, chances are the answers may be on there. It's certainly taking some initial hammer - the forum, but maybe it'll speed up once things settle. Doesn't seem too bad for me at the moment, page loading speed.

One slight glitch I noticed here. If I open a new tab and load a site, the hide images, page actions and zoom function are sometimes dead - greyed out. But by moving the cursor over the zoom slide bar - not the round zoom button - and clicking, the buttons then become active and I can access them.

One thing I do like is the choice of search engines, DDG, StartPage etc - although no Bing, and the ability to manage and delete selected engines, and also adding your own choices. The browser isn't Google-ized. Opera still fails to give you the option to delete them - or set your own choice as default. Revenue, I know. But still .....

Also, the invert filter is a bit wild on the eyes - in a freaky sort of way, and I prefer the black and white filter to greyscale as it boldens and sharpens the text, enhances it, for my eyes at least.

Qualys shows the browser as Google Chrome v: 40.0.2214.89. The latest is v: 40.0.2214.93 so maybe the next update will address that - or Qualys gets it wrong. Dunno.

Also had a rummage around in vivaldi flags but don't think I'll mess with it or attempt to change anything just yet. Maybe wait until future releases. Quite happy to use as is at the moment.

George.J 28. Jan 2015 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by MidnightCowboy (Post 107559)
Finally, I've managed to get a connection and can post it on his behalf:

Deya was a "he" :eek:

deya 28. Jan 2015 06:53 PM

"Deya was a "he" ..... yes, he is. Although I have been known to act like a big girl on the odd occasion :D

Installed an extension, AdBlock, following a post on Vivaldi forum. Works perfect. Thought I'd try it mainly just to see if it worked, but also to see if it would override the page action/content blocker issue - where it re-sets on browser close.

I'd prefer the built in blocker to be honest, so the extension will be temporary until the next build. Anyway, the extension works, no icon in the UI but that doesn't bother me. Just open chrome extensions page and the options are there, and you can also delete it from there if required. The extension doesn't seem to have any detrimental effect on Vivaldi, or its performance.

Also, I read a post where someone reported that closing the browser while the settings window was open broke the browser. Tried it, it's correct. On trying to open the browser all that loads is the settings window, not the browser. So had to uninstall Vivaldi and start again - fresh download and install. So just thought to post that here for anyone who might be tinkering around with Vivaldi. Make sure you close the settings window before closing the browser.

AdBlock installed, and WOT in DDG via my URL. That's all I need for now.

deya 29. Jan 2015 04:45 PM

Installed WOT extension now. Same again, no UI icon but the extension shows up in Vivaldi extensions page. I get the WOT ratings in all search results with the engines I've tried; Google, Bing, DDG, Ixquick, Startpage etc. Clicking on red links also brings up the WOT warning.

Kept on having a few niggly issues with my WOT URL code, and can't be bothered changing DDG settings every time I clear browsing data. So thought I'd give it a go (the extension) and it works. Not perfect because of the lack of UI icon, but good enough. Again, it doesn't seem to be having any negative impact on Vivaldi performance.

Sorry to bump the thread - just random experiments and thoughts. Got the set up exe ready now in case I break it again, but so far Vivaldi's running fine with the two extensions installed.

Anupam 29. Jan 2015 05:11 PM

No need to be sorry for posting your experience with the browser, it's more than welcome. Good to see that it's working well. Must say that for a technical preview, it works well.

If this browser indeed offers the features that Opera misses on, old Opera users will certainly switch.

deya 29. Jan 2015 08:32 PM

ok no worries, Anupam. Thanks.

Forgot to mention that you also get WOT in the right click context menu to 'open WOT scorecard' so you can check links on any page before opening them, if you want to. So it's working as it should, apart from no icon. As a rule, I don't like searching without WOT. It's served me well over the years, and although there are workarounds to use it in other browsers that don't support it I much prefer to have it available via the extension. So it's a big plus.

Both these extensions are very easy to install. Tried a few others but no luck, didn't work. The AdBlock extension works better than the built in content blocker, so just using that. The built in blocker was letting a few stuff through for me, like those annoying uTube ads. AdBlock gets rid of pretty much everything. Much better.

Anupam 03. Feb 2015 07:29 PM

Just read on Ghacks, that a new build of Vivaldi is available on their blog.

Seems like they will be putting out weekly snapshots, so that users can follow the updates closely.

The build has not been transferred to the main Vivaldi site yet, and they will do so shortly, when they make sure that no major issues are there with the latest build.

This build has fixed the issue about www and com not being added to the site name via Ctrl + Enter, so that's a good thing. Several other fixes are there.

The browser has generated quite a lot of interest, and will be good for users to get weekly snapshots, and it will certainly keep them excited.

deya 03. Feb 2015 08:57 PM

Did an over the top install of the latest build. No problems here. Everything saved, bookmarks, notes, and my extensions. Browser's running fine. Maybe a bit of an issue with a couple of site tabs colouring - can't really remember what colour they were before to be honest but something in my minds eye tells me one or two I've tried look different.

Anyway, main thing is that the update went well. You can only do it manually, though.

danielson 04. Feb 2015 02:57 PM

I'm a die-hard Firefox user but have always admired what Opera could do and their forum was a supercharged arena, a fun place to visit, a place where devs would interact with users too!
Those days are long gone but Vivaldi seems to be on the verge of bringing back that enthusiasm. Time will tell.

Will i go back to Vivaldi? Not sure, you can only spread your attention span so far.
Had hopes with Maxthon but they keep on coming up with new versions that are always incomplete.

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