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deya 16. Jul 2015 02:39 PM

Ok - bump again - sorry :)

Everything set after a clean install and, to be honest, they've done a good job with TP4. It's quick, it doesn't hog resources and the UI is snappy. There are many changes from TP3, they've done a lot of work and if you only install the Tech Previews and skip the snapshots then you'll really see the difference in this version.

If you keep in mind that Vivaldi (at present) isn't even at Beta stage then I think it's even more impressive. I've been running it this afternoon with a Eurosport live TV stream of the Tour streaming constantly in one tab and then ten or more other tabs doing various other stuff, simultaneously, and it handles it all with ease and runs very light on resources. Much lighter than some other browsers I've tried - stable ones at that.

As mentioned, the install size has shrunk considerably. So that's a good thing. Extensions; even though there are still no toolbar icons, they work well and can easily be installed from the Chrome Store now. The ones I use work perfect. The UI customisation options are impressive to say the least, so many options to change the appearance of the browser. Set it how you want. I can't think of another browser that offers so much in that respect, and it's very easy to change stuff around via the settings panel.

That's another thing with Vivaldi ... it does a lot, but it's not complicated to make changes. It's very user friendly as regards the settings. You can do a lot with Lunascape for example, but it's a bit complicated to get it set how you want it and I think that puts people off of using it. It's not simplified enough. The Vivaldi devs have taken care to not over complicate things and I think it works well.

Issues? Yes, without doubt there are bugs. I still have the copy and paste URL problem and it can be annoying. The browser still doesn't open maximised but you can fix that by right clicking the Vivaldi icon and selecting properties, then click to open the 'Run' drop down menu and select 'maximised'. That does the trick - if it's a problem to you.

It uses the same engine as Chrome, as several other browsers do, but I think it would be harsh to call Vivaldi a Chrome clone now. It does so much more than any other I've tried. There's still a long way to go but it's worth trying - TP4, if it interests you that is.

It's stable enough, I've not had it crash for ages. It auto updates with no problems. It's now a reasonable sized install and it runs light. Updates come thick and fast.

It's also ready for Windows 10 and is therefore part of the future - mine at least :)

danielson 16. Jul 2015 02:41 PM

Working nice here on Windows 10 Preview 10240
Opening to startpage with maximized windows still not fixed though.

deya 17. Jul 2015 04:58 PM


.... "With Chromeless UI"

Busy week. Quite a sizeable changelog with this version. Lots of bug fixes.

@danielson - see the workaround for starting maximised in my previous post. It works no problem, but you'll have to re-apply the fix with each version update.

deya 22. Jul 2015 05:30 PM


... "Draggable tab bar, favicons in the address bar and spatial navigation improvements"

deya 28. Jul 2015 03:18 PM


... "Reload bypassing cache shortcuts and a visual clue for Rewind"

deya 18. Aug 2015 05:06 PM


.... 'Web Panels, Extension buttons UI, Progress bar info and tab performance improvements'

Good to see the extension buttons. Read the page first. There may be bugs etc.

CASD 18. Aug 2015 11:48 PM

I get an error... while updating..

deya 19. Aug 2015 09:04 AM

/\ .... I had that happen. It's generally caused by the servers not being able to cope with all the downloads at that time, it's happened to me before. Try it again a while later and it works.

Yesterday I just downloaded the set-up from the blog page and installed it that way.

danielson 20. Aug 2015 01:33 AM

With all the publicity they've been getting lately, perhaps that's a good sign!

History issue is a bummer.

deya 20. Aug 2015 10:17 AM

You'll have to enlighten me, danielson .. about the history issue?

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