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deya 07. Jul 2015 07:41 PM


.... 'A cleaner Speed Dial and lots of fixes'

danielson 09. Jul 2015 02:00 PM

Do you think they'll ever have an Android version?

deya 09. Jul 2015 08:31 PM

I would have thought so, yes. Can't see it being any time soon though.

deya 13. Jul 2015 04:51 PM


... "TP4 is just around the corner"

Updated no problem, but when I get the time this evening I'm going to do a clean install of Vivaldi. One or two annoying bugs still exist, for me, so best start afresh and see if they still persist.

deya 13. Jul 2015 07:51 PM

Clean install but still a few snags. I have a problem copying and pasting URL's, and this in turn leads to bookmarks being added in random folders. I've had this issue for the past few builds. Also Vivaldi still doesn't start maximised and the side panel is always open on start up.

Small issues really, but the URL problem gets annoying after a while. Had a problem with certain extensions, not all, being disabled for some reason. Clean install has fixed that.

Good thing in this latest build is that you can use the chrome bookmarks manager again, which enables you to export bookmarks to HTML. Nice to have if you need to keep clean installing the browser.

Also good to see that the install folder is getting smaller in size now. Last build was 281 MB with the back up application folder. This build, clean copy so no back up app folder is 141 MB so considerably smaller than early versions. The browser is also much faster at loading on start up and also loads pages much quicker than in the past.

Definitely improving all the time, but the little bugs need attention - which is still to be expected and which I'm sure they're well aware of and are working hard to put right.

danielson 14. Jul 2015 12:57 AM

I find it more thrilling to follow progress Vivaldi is making than the new Windows 10 which is just around the corner. Considering the crew they have at Microsoft, i find it hard to believe their new Edge browser won't even have extensions by their official debut day of July 29 :rolleyes:

Maximize issue in Vivaldi is a known one.

danielson 14. Jul 2015 07:48 PM

Just to test you geekiness Deya!

Is there a way to have Vivaldi backup a copy of its note taking feature to Dropbox?
Something like Word that has a temp file backed up elsewhere on your disk.

deya 14. Jul 2015 08:03 PM


... "Translation updates before TP4"

Another snapshot. Updated no problem. Still seem to have my URL issue going on. Two app folders now, install is 281 MB, so as before. Smaller.

Don't know the answer to your question danielson, but if I come across one I'll post it here. Notes in Vivaldi is not something I use too often at the moment, and neither do I use Dropbox.

I'll have a look around.

deya 15. Jul 2015 04:44 PM


..... "Crash fix before TP4"

Updated no problems. If you use Disqus and have an account then best to read the blog post.

deya 16. Jul 2015 12:05 PM

Vivaldi browser Technical Preview 4 is here;

Done a clean install of this new version so need to set it up properly. It's 140 MB installed now.

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