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Default content filters

At my work they had the great idea to install some filters on their proxy so we can no longer access any sites that contain games, music, etc.
I can understand this decision because there was a lot of 'private surfing' going along here.
However, there is a particular online game I play (freekick) which is a soccer management game. I need to access this site a few times a day to improve. Now this isn't possible anymore.
One of my colleagues gave me a half solution by giving me the url of some proxy sites. Now I am able to see the site () but I'm not able to change anything (). I don't know why but these sites are limited somehow.
Is here anybody who knows another solution to visit (and make changes) my favorite site?
Today is my last day of work because tomorow I go on holiday for 16 days but it would be nice to read some solutions when I am back
Thanks in advance.
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Many would suggest it would be unethical for TSA to suggest ways to bypass security procedures set up by your employer for very good reasons and for the benefit of everyone in your workplace. Your best option would be to use a personal mobile device for internet access during break periods.
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