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Default Comodo Chromium Secure

Sorry if it has been posted.

I'm a user of Comodo Dragon and Comodo Ice Dragon.
Going to Comodo forum to find out why no updates for Comodo Dragon for months, I found that they made a new browser : Comodo Chromium Secure
Comodo Chromium Secure 36.1 is now available for download
and they said they will keep developing Comodo Dragon.

"Chromium Secure and Comodo Dragon both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy. Our Comodo Dragon brand is aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromium Secure is aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.

There were some known issues with Flash player and Comodo Dragon and these have been resolved in Chromium Secure and the new Comodo Dragon. An update of Comodo Dragon 36 will follow within the next few days."

Ok, just installed it, I can't find any significant differences between Comodo Dragon and Comodo Chromium Secure
And why Comodo made 2 "similar" browsers?
Surely I missed something though.
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You're not missing anything. They are make it clear that there will be two browsers that have the same feature set but will look quite different. They appear to see an opportunity to expand their installed base at the cost of a little extra work to maintain the different interfaces.

Currently there are a couple of technical differences with Dragon having a feature list which is a superset of the features in Chromium Secure. Shortly this will disappear as we add the last couple of features to Chromium Secure (such as force SSL connections for sites visited) and we’ll be releasing a new version of Dragon too also based on this later Chromium codebase.
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Old 18. Jan 2015, 07:00 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Comodo's update of their browsers is getting slower.
I don't understand why they made a new browser (Chromium Secure) instead of maintaing the Comodo Dragon and Ice Dragon.
It seems Comodo already kiiled the Ice Dragon, no update for a year. Still 26 while FireFox is 35 (stable). RIP CID!
Comodo Dragon and Comodo Chromium Secure are 36 while Chrome is 41 or 39 (stable).

I better move to Chromium and Waterfox 64, I just did.
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Yeah it's a shame, I really liked Ice Dragon. It seemed a lot smoother than FF but I gave up on it when it fell behind on versions.

Dragon was just a pain to me ... the syncing of add-ons and prefs never seemed to work properly but I'm not a big fan of Chrome anyway.

I've not tried this new chromium one yet, I might give it a whirl later if there's a portable version.
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I'm not sure what's going on over there. This type of confusion is certainly detrimental to the faith of their client base? One of the staff does say in the CID forum a new release is coming, but that was a month ago. I'm trying Comodo Secure aka Chromodo in the mean time. I think Chrome and Firefox are too bloated.
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Here's the FAQ answer from Comodo's browser download page. But I think it makes things even more confusing.
(scroll down and click on "Frequent Questions" tab)

"Which should I choose: Comodo's Dragon or Chromium Secure?
If you prefer Chrome, you can chose between two significantly enhanced Chromium browsers in Comodo Dragon or Chromium Secure. Comodo Dragon has Comodo's colors and feel, whereas Chromium Secure gives you a more familiar look and feel of browsers such as Google Chrome and the Chromium Browser."

What does that even mean? That they look different but that's it? I don't suppose reprogramming Dragon to have a skinnable interface was an option.

Two separate browsers seems like an extreme solution. Especially since apparently they're building Chromium Secure from the ground up and gradually adding new features until it finally catches up to the feature set that Dragon has. Said feature set includes Comodo's special secure DNS server network, which in my view is the main reason to use Dragon to begin with. Too bad it's not in Chromium Secure yet (see, updated Feb. 4, 2015).

I wonder if maybe they should have put their resources toward updating IceDragon instead? They haven't released a new version of IceDragon since December 2013.

I guess Comodo Dragon is probably still safe. I'd stay away from the other two, though.
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