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windyctyprog 09. Aug 2014 04:35 PM

Odd Firefox Issue
I have an odd Firefox issue, one that creates some concern...

I run an automated maintenance program from Foolish IT called dM. Slick little program, as are all of his, especially CyberPrevent.

At the end of the dM run a summary report pops up and that's the problem

It comes up as an HTML page in Firefox, but not my configuration of Firefox.

I run Firefox under Sandboxie, but the Firefox version that comes up is a plain vanilla version 31 on the Comcast/Xfinity web site. It is not my configuration and I have no idea how Comcast got into the mix, other than the fact that it's my ISP.

I looked at my file associations both under Windows and in Firefox, and all HTML/related are associated with Firefox.

I am more than a bit astonished that this HTML summary page can bypass my configuration, either under SBIE or un-sandboxed (same configuration), and end up on the Comcast web site.

I already posted to the Foolish IT forum, they mentioned the file association, but that's not the issue from my perspective.

I want to try and understand how my sandboxed or un-sandboxed configuration of FF ends up being bypassed?

Did this make sense?

Any ideas?

Thanks, as always, in advance...:eek:

Anupam 09. Aug 2014 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by windyctyprog (Post 102249)
I run an automated maintenance program from Foolish IT called dM.

The program is actually dMaintenance, and not dM. I was actually confused trying to locate dM on their site.


Originally Posted by windyctyprog (Post 102249)
I run Firefox under Sandboxie, but the Firefox version that comes up is a plain vanilla version 31 on the Comcast/Xfinity web site. It is not my configuration and I have no idea how Comcast got into the mix, other than the fact that it's my ISP.

If you run dMaintenance under Sandboxie, then the end report will open in Firefox which will be sandboxed... otherwise not. It's because when a program runs in Sandboxie, then only another program which opens through that first program will open in Sandboxie.
But, if a program is not running in Sandboxie in the first place, then another program which runs through that program, won't open in Sandboxie. Like in your example, since dMaintenance is not running in Sandboxie, the end report will not be in sandboxed Firefox, but unsandboxed Firefox.


Originally Posted by windyctyprog (Post 102249)
but the Firefox version that comes up is a plain vanilla version 31 on the Comcast/Xfinity web site.

What do you mean by a plain vanilla version 31?

Latest Firefox version is 31, so it should be version 31 only, and that's fine. What's plain vanilla version?

Also, what do you mean by "on Comcast web site"? Didn't get that.
You mean it opens up with the home page of your ISP website, which is Comcast, or did you mean something else?

I downloaded and ran the dMaintenance program, and frankly, I found it weird.

I ran it under Sandboxie, and although I unticked several checkboxes in its settings, it still made some changes which it was not supposed to. Originally, I have IE as the default browser on my system, but it changed the default browser to Firefox on it's own.. and Firefox opened like it had been installed for the first time.. means it was asking to import bookmarks from IE, like it does when it runs for first time (I think I now get what you mean by plain vanilla version).

So, that's quite weird. Why change the default browser, and also in a weird way... when I have Firefox already installed on my system? Also, I tried to click on the Settings button for Firefox, but it won't respond.

Thank goodness I ran dMaintenance under Sandboxie, otherwise I would really be unhappy with the changes it would have made. And these were the ones which I could notice... I don't know what other changes it makes which are not noticeable. I wouldn't trust this program.

It's my guess that dMaintenance does some weird changes on the system, the result of which is what you see. Also, I think it somehow changes your homepage to your ISP site too (no idea how or why), and that's why you see the ISP site when Firefox opens up.

To sum it up, I think it's dMaintenance's fault... it's doing some weird things. Honestly, I couldn't see why you are using this program... I don't see what kind of maintenance it's performing... all that can be done by CCleaner, and that too safely, and transparently.

My advice would be to ditch the program... just being frank. But, it's on you if you want to keep using it. The fault is definitely with the program though... you should ask the developers about this. I don't think its an issue with file association, and even if it is.. it is caused by dMaintenance itself.

windyctyprog 09. Aug 2014 05:51 PM


Thanks, as always.

(I just abbreviated the name because it's Saturday morning and I'm lazy).

I had issues with updates for CryptoPrevent, another one of his programs, and installing the maintenance program seemed to fix the issues.

I have used CC Cleaner, maybe I'll go back to it...:)

Anupam 09. Aug 2014 06:38 PM

Glad to help :).

Yes, I will recommend CCleaner over dMaintenance.

windyctyprog 09. Aug 2014 08:26 PM

OK. Thanks...

bo.elam 09. Aug 2014 09:49 PM

Hey Windy, I agree with Anupam, probably best to stay away from this type of programs. I personally don't believe in any of them. I like and use CCleaner but even CCleaner can cause problems sometimes.

About Sandboxie. Since you ran the maintenance program outside the sandbox, Sandboxie is not involved. Even if you had been using Sandboxies paid version and the results had open up in a sandboxed Firefox, it would not make any difference since the changes to your system had already been done by dMaintenance outside the sandbox.

Greetings Windy


eyeb 10. Aug 2014 06:09 AM

an aside from using ccleaner, but are you using a portable version of firefox?
the html association on windows might default to firefox exe but if portable, it won't open it as a portable so it won't find the profile, hence the vanilla firefox

sicknero 10. Aug 2014 11:59 AM

There's a nifty program by Ramesh for setting FirefoxPortable as the default browser in W7 -

It actually works for any portable browser.

windyctyprog 10. Aug 2014 12:43 PM

Morning All,

I took Anupam's advice and uninstalled the program.

I only tried it for a day, I'm glad Anupam had the same results and that it wasn't some anomaly.

I ran the maintenance program one time, saw the results, posted here and now uninstalled it. I didn't like the answer I got from the developer about file associations, so I came here.

Any program that can make these changes scares me - I still can't figure out how it ends up on the Comcast home page.

As for CC Cleaner, I have used it, too many options.

I don't use Firefox Portable, no.

Man, all of you are so great to work with...I am unbelievably appreciative this site exists.


Anupam 10. Aug 2014 02:40 PM

CCleaner does seem to have a lot of options, but the default options are good and safe, and generally one doesn't need to change anything. It's the safest cleaner around. Several other cleaners have come up in recent times, and although some are good, like Privazer, which is popular, but I will go by CCleaner anyday, since it has built a reputation for itself, and is the safest one around.

By default, the options selected are fine in CCleaner, but from diagnostic point of view, I uncheck three checkboxes under System... for "Memory dumps", "Chkdsk File Fragments" and "Windows Log Files" ... these can be helpful in case of problems on system.

I still won't advise using its registry cleaner part though. Although, that too is safest, but still, it's best for general users to leave the registry part alone.

dMaintenance seemed like a weird program to me. It's good that you uninstalled it.

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