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Terarus 12. Jul 2009 06:06 AM

Japanese browser
Hey has anyone read up on lunascape browser? Just came across it in an article (forgot link sorry guys!) in yahoo mentioning it as an up and coming browser with current firefox, chrome, opera and ie8. Lunescape combines 3 engines into its browser and lets you change engines at any time.

Here's the link to their main website:

I've installed it onto my XP and it works pretty well. A bit complicating at first I would say but it seems pretty good. There are plug-ins but its mostly jap since the eng version came out not long ago.

Sope 12. Jul 2009 12:54 PM

Wow :eek:, looks like it has a lot of features built-in.
Very interesing but I suspect it will take a while to learn.
The only thing missing is info regarding it's security?

Terarus 12. Jul 2009 02:33 PM

The site did mention about tweaking security in its tutorials. But I found it a bit complicated. Another bad thing about the browser is that my sandboxie and keyscramber pro doesnt seem to support it. So there goes more security features?

But then again, it is new. I would expect more things to come along in the future so this is probably something to look forward to.

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