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Default Found a Low Memory using Browser

This browser runs at lower memory usage then Qupzilla
This browser is full featured, even mail and web site building
lots of add-ons
It's been around for a long time... but it seems to be a light user of resources
I'm sure you have guessed the browser by now

Yes.. SeaMonkey
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hm... I didn't realize it before when I tried it years ago (10 years?) that it shared firefox coding...
But I just tried it and it worked well, i used my firefox profile and copied it to the seamonkey's profile and it worked. All my addons

I'm going to have to keep this in mind, firefox's new versions have been upsetting me, I'm back on firefox 26 because I didn't like 27 and 28 has the same thing. Sadly, without playing with it again, I don't remember what I didn't like.

But if I do upgrade my firefox (I still like firefox 23 best too), I may try seamonkey. I've been running icefox for the security once in a while to test over firefox variants but if the addon's work on seamonkey, I know what my next browser might be

edit: example of seamonkey having status bar, not addon bar is making me like it more. Once I get the firefox themes working, I could probably switch and not even notice the difference. My 30-40 addons all work after I modified them a bit. So once the theme looks like firefox, I doubt I'd even notice it not being firefox but I can keep things that I like that mozilla took out

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