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Default Sleipnir 5

Total curve ball. Checked the Sleipnir blog and now they've released Sleipnir 5. No dual engine anymore, just Blink, slimmed down totally different UI. Looks like a Mac browser.

Downloaded and installed it on my Vista, don't think there's support for XP. Install options to import bookmarks and stuff from Sleipnir 4 so checked the boxes and 5 installed with bookmarks and extensions, WOT, Adblock, Notes - the lot. Versions 4 and 5 both run separate from each other though.

Not sure what to make of it, text looks different that's for sure, but search is all Google and no way to change default so installed DDG extension and that will do for now. Thumbnail tabs look weird on Windows, like a tablet, but they function well enough.

I'll try it for a bit, see how it goes, but first impression is I'm not too keen on it. Dunno if they'll keep up support for 4, they say they will but who knows? ... and I use 4 a lot, that's a real workhorse browser for me, everything I need really.

All these changes. But, as the saying goes, stand still and you get left behind. Looks like Blink is the way forward for these guys.
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Ok, so now I've had Sleipnir 5 installed for a few days. My initial impression of being not too keen on it has changed somewhat, it's not bad once you get it set up. But it's taken a bit of tinkering to get it to where I (personally) want it to be. It's new, obviously nowhere near finished, so maybe I was expecting too much to begin with.

It's a very clean design, everything compacted into one narrow toolbar, a menu button at top left where you can access settings, bookmarks etc. Tabs are displayed as thumbnails, click to open more or to close them, drag them around - must admit to not having fully got to grips with them yet though, one or two functions I can't quite work out. Not really an issue, but there is no help page as yet so it's a case of trial and error at the moment, not much help on their forum either.

You can't customise the UI, no home button, no address bar. Instead it has the 'Portal Feild', and you search from that, typing in it brings down a list of your bookmarked sites with relevant text, or type in a full search query then hit enter for the search results. Default is Google, unfortunately, and you can't change that as yet.

Extension icons are displayed to the right in the toolbar, and as with Chromium browsers, you can't move them. Extensions seem to work ok. I've noticed the WOT icon sometimes greys out but clicking the page refresh button rectifies that, and it doesn't happen often. WOT does work though, blocking red sites etc, even if the icon is greyed out at the time.

I've only got four extensions installed. WOT, Adblock, Notes ... and that would normally be enough for me, but from a personal point of view it lacks a speed dial so I went ahead and installed Foxtab Speed Dial. This is mainly to do with my simple brain not being able to grasp the the tabs settings (yet) but Foxtabs works perfect and I reckon it enhances the browser - and that's what extensions are supposed to do, right? So I have just the four. And everything else I need is built in, mouse gestures etc.

Settings are pretty straight forward Chrome, and then there are the custom settings which are almost identical to Sleipnir 4 - tabs, security, gestures. Pretty basic, not difficult to work out.

As I mentioned previously, you can't change the default search, which is a minus in my opinion. So I've added my search engines to Foxtabs for easy access, and that enabled me to get rid of the DDG extension I had installed. Would be nice to be able to set your own default though, but, Google again. Maybe revenue. Fair enough.

Web pages and text definitely look different in the browser. Colours seem brighter on some sites, text is clearer to read, which may be of benefit to some people to be honest. The text on this forum for instance, Gizmos, definitely pops out at you, as compared to other browsers. Dunno if that's a selling point for some. Easier on the eyes.

I've been keeping an eye on it, resource wise, with System Explorer while running it and it's no better or no worse than other Chrome / Blink browsers in that respect - I'm running it on my Vista machine by the way, and it loads and renders pages fast enough for me.

Tried to find out more info, not much about to be honest, but what I have read is that updates are due to come regularly. So I'll keep it installed and running, see what happens in the coming weeks. I quite like using it now - Foxtabs has definitely improved the experience so it was worth the tweaking here and there.

It hasn't crashed once, I've tried but it seems very stable. So no issues there. Noticed a couple of little bugs but I'm sure they'll be ironed out in the near future. The WOT icon is one, and sometimes the red trail from the mouse gestures turns into a kind of free hand drawing tool - only very occasionally though, and a quick left / right mouse click soon clears it. Nothing major.

You can read more about it here;

Have a click around. Remember it's Japanese (not Chinese) so wording sometimes gets a little mixed up in translation on the site, not so much that you really notice though, but don't be put off by it if you do.

As usual I'll say that it won't be for everyone - Anupam - only joking But if you are interested in trying something new, browser wise, then I reckon it's worth a look. It's a 42MB download and 140MB installed. Clean, no unwanted extras with it.

Browsers are a very personal choice for most people, and I appreciate that, but these days they're all starting to look a bit like the other. What Sleipnir have done here is to take Blink and put their own mark on it, innovate it, call it what you will. But it's a change from the same old cloning thing - which I think is a nice idea.
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LOL .. yea, not for me . But, I think they had dual engine earlier, Trident being the other one. Now that they have done away with it, I might give it a look... might is the key word.. lol.

Many browsers have made the move to Blink. Although Blink might be fast as an engine, but it makes all the browsers look the same way, and they feel like a Chrome clone one way or the other. And I don't like the Chrome interface... it's a personal thing.. I just don't get the feeling of a browser with it, although it's fast and stuff.

Although I do appreciate the work that Opera have done with the interface when they moved to Blink. Despite the basic interface being the same, they changed things around to give it a different feel, and it shows. I find Opera's interface a lot pleasant than Chrome. Opera is lacking in features though presently, but I am sure given the time, they will reach there. They have a good innovative team. But, I feel they are moving at a slow pace a bit, and it might make people move away from them.

If Sleipnir have managed to keep an identity of their own while still adopting Blink, they will continue to gather attention.

Thanks again deya, for sharing your experience... you certainly make people interested in other browsers with your experiences.
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Old 27. Nov 2013, 08:53 PM   #4 (permalink)
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Well, my experience with this one so far has been a surprising one. When I first installed and ran it I didn't think it would last long on my desktop but it has, and I'm still using it. I'm not into extensions that much but the Foxtab install was a good one, and after some tweaking here and there it really has improved the browser for me.

Five is really my limit for extensions, and Magic Actions for uTube is added now and working perfect. So now I'll just continue to run it and see what the coming updates bring. I've got to like the text, it's richer, bolder, easier on the eye. For me, that's a good thing.

I think it's nice to have something different to use, browser wise. Kind of breaks the monotony of looking at the same thing. So that's the reason I try so many, I have to stare at a monitor for quite some time some days, just like many people do. I just prefer to have a choice of what I'm staring at occasionally. If I come across one I think is half decent I put it on here, for reference more than anything else - I don't expect for there to be many takers
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