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Concerned User 28. Jul 2013 03:38 AM

Firefox about:config hack for popups
One of the sites I frequent (which shall remain nameless:p) had a persistent popup...the minute I placed the mouse cursor in the search bar, a popup opened up and the page I was viewing simply became blank, I then had to press the back button to view the page I was originally viewing. When I viewed the page in IE 10, the popup was blocked and IE displayed the message that it was blocked. I got curious, dug a bit deeper and found this about:config firefox entry for popups:

I went to about:config and searched for the string "dom.popup_allowed_events", removed all the entries (change click dblclick mouseup reset submit). This will disable all popups (good, bad and ugly). All popups blocked, you can of course whitelist the sites for which popups should be allowed. Happily ever after!:D.

wdhpr 28. Jul 2013 07:55 PM

I ran into an annoying problem a couple of days ago after installing the codec package: ADVANCED x64Components for Windows 7 and 8 (formerly x64 Components) 4.2.1

During the install process it offered to install the Delta search toolbar and search engine. I unchecked the option but it was installed anyway :( Then every time I would create a new tab it would direct me to site with a red WOT rating. So I went into about:config and did a search for Delta and about a dozen entries were there. I then right clicked on the offending entries and clicked on reset on each item. When I rechecked the entries they were returned to their original settings however I was no longer redirected to their website when starting a new tab. I'm not an expert but I did not like this so I reset my firefox setting after backing up my bookmarks. After reinstalling my add-ons I was back to where I was. My question is would it have been safe to leave the entries in my config?

I might add if you google "remove the delta search engine" there is many discussions on the topic.

eyeb 28. Jul 2013 11:30 PM

you could delete the pref.js file in the firefox profile, it resets everything since it is remade. But that's where the about:config lines are stored

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