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kendall.a 14. Jun 2013 06:39 PM

Best Browser for Malware Protection
I'm wondering what others feel about this article:

It ranks browsers in terms of their ability to protect you from malware. I have never seen this type of ranking before.

Yes, I do use Sandboxie, so these numbers are irrelevant to me. But, for those who do not use Sandboxie, is this article something we should encourage others to read?

v.laurie 14. Jun 2013 10:46 PM

"Studies" like this are often reported. Without knowing the details of the methodology or what axes are being ground, I would not put a lot of faith in this one. Unfortunately, I don't have time to research this particular study, but I do know that Microsoft often funds supposed research by "outside" groups to test their products. Microsoft sponsorship is often not indicated when the reports are published. These studies never fail to find that Microsoft products are the best.

MidnightCowboy 15. Jun 2013 12:32 AM

As far as I'm aware, the NSS Lab tests are independent and not endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft or other related vendors. This test however deals only with socially engineered exploits and does not take into account how many of these would be subsequently blocked by a standard antivirus program.

As ever with tests, a useful source of information but on it's own not enough to warrant switching from one product to another.

Doobie 19. Jun 2013 03:23 AM

So, IE10 over-blocks.
Chrome under-blocks.
And, everyone else severely under-blocks.

I agree with some of the thoughts here, that we should only take this study as a guide and not gospel.

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