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deya 02. Dec 2013 05:16 PM

Done a bit of tweaking around with this latest version, and good to see it make a listing in joeguru's latest mega browser reviews, definitely deserves to be there in my opinion.

I quite like the default skin, the way you can change the colours etc, and the general look of the UI. But now I've downloaded and added a couple of skins from their forum, I've been wanting a more compact look and have found two that do the job well. And once installed they're added to the skins menu so you can change them on the fly - perfect.

Also, I came across a URL which once added to the search engines list shows the WOT ratings alongside DDG search results as default, without having to change the DDG settings all the time. Editing the URL also gives me more UK specific search results. So now I have two versions of DDG in the search engines list, which can be set to default search easily from the search box.

SkyNote's working perfect and I've also started using the built in feed reader for a couple of sites, and it works well. One of the custom skins I installed allows access to it via the menu button. I never liked using the sidebar to do that, still don't. In fact the sidebar is the one thing about Maxthon that I don't like at all, I prefer to keep it hidden.

Been looking through their forum a bit more, some really clued up guys on there, lots of very helpful info. Looking through the threads you see a few people reporting issues with the browser but to be honest, I haven't come across any with this latest version. That's not to say there aren't any - they just haven't shown up for me.

I've been happy enough with the previous Maxthon Cloud builds, but using this build has prompted me to set about fine tuning it a bit more. The new skins plus default WOT with DDG have made it much better for the way I use a browser. I continue to be impressed with M4. If it wasn't for the fact that we use Box to fransfer files between devices I'd probably make more use of the Maxthon Cloud Service, but as it is I have no real use for it so never log-in to it. No doubt some will find it very useful though, especially with there being a decent Android version.

kendall.a 02. Dec 2013 05:54 PM


Also, I came across a URL which once added to the search engines list shows the WOT ratings alongside DDG search results
Please share! I'd love to know how to add WOT ratings to any search results. (I still use Google as my default.)

deya 02. Dec 2013 06:59 PM

Kendall, if you want to have WOT ratings displayed as default in DDG, go to Settings - Search engine. Click 'Add' and when the edit box opens name the new search engine, DDG or whatever you want, then copy and paste this URL into 'Search URL (Required)'


... but without the colons at beginning and end.

You don't need to put anything in the 'alias' box, it's fine just left empty.

Click the OK button then click under 'Default search engine' for the drop down menu and select your new DDG entry as default.

Now, when you enter a search query in the address bar, or search box, your search results should show up with the WOT ratings alongside them, to the left.

Anyone wanting more UK specific search results can edit this part of the URL - US&kl=us - by replacing the US and us with UK and uk ..... it's case sensitive. Then just name the new search engine DDG UK, or whatever.

If you want WOT SurfCanyon to do the same, go through the same procedure but paste this URL into the edit box;


... same again, without the colons.

Once the new search engines are added to the list you can quickly change the default by clicking the search box and selecting the one you want to use from the drop down list.

kendall.a 02. Dec 2013 07:38 PM

Wonderful! Thanks Deya. Can you do the same with Google?

deya 02. Dec 2013 09:02 PM

No, you need the WOT extension installed for it to work with Google, Bing etc, which you can't do with Maxthon - bit of an achilles heel for the browser unfortunately.

So with Maxthon I use a combination of the search engines we've mentioned in this thread. Not quite Google, admittedly, but I think the search results they provide are easily adequate - certainly for me at least. It's just a shame that Maxthon doesn't support the more popular extensions, because if it did, the way it is now, there wouldn't be anything to touch it as far as I'm concerned. It is that good now.

You can install Maxthon Flag, or maybe you already have, and with that you can check the WOT ratings of pages you're not sure about.

deya 05. Dec 2013 02:25 PM

Version released;

Change log on the page.

deya 20. Dec 2013 06:14 PM

There's a new Beta release, v4.2.1.600, available to download.

Not sure I want to try it though, because the stable version I'm using at the moment runs great. Maybe I'll wait a day or so, then try it, after seeing if there are any issues reported.

Been using the built in feed reader for a while now, it's very good. Nice layout, I really like it. Also been making more use of the built in screen catpure, captures full pages in a snap, captured image is very clear. Snapping a region allows you to annotate images before saving. Perfect.

Came across a script to alter the scroll bars, thought I'd give it a go, easy enough to do. Edited the colours to match the skin I'm using, looks much better while also freeing up a bit of screen space.

Got more into using DDG as default search, using the iBang syntax, very useful - plus great to have the WOT ratings.

Funny really. For a while now [as you may have noticed :D] when time has permitted I've been on a persuit for a browser to replace the old style Opera, configuration, features wise etc. Tried loads, and some have been really good but I've kept coming back to Maxthon, once they released their version of the Blink fork. This latest version,, is the best I've ever used. Good review on Softpedia a week or so ago as well;

sicknero 20. Dec 2013 09:15 PM

I just gave a quick spin because I was curious about "Improved the sidebar window position" but it looks the same to me. Perhaps they mean the desktop sidebar which the portable version doesn't have.

I'm really liking, it seems very quick and solid and I found this great skin for it -

One of the nice things about 4.2.x is that it supports skins again at last, so there are quite a few people making them again now.
I like this one because all the bars etc are slimmed down, I never liked that chunky sidebar and this makes it look much sleeker. He's altered the menus as well and the whole thing has a much more minimal and smooth feel about it.

I'd still like to see a script-blocking extension (I noticed that the Mac version has one) and per-site cookie management etc, but as a secondary browser it's still my favourite.

deya 23. Dec 2013 03:32 PM

I have that skin installed, Snapper isn't it? It's good. There's one called Yoyoako that compresses the tab bar as well, doesn't change much else but it makes the UI look better. Agreed about skins in 4.2, and once they're installed it's nice to able to switch easily between them.

Never use the sidebar at all really, I use keyboard shortcuts to launch stuff from there. They could do away with it altogether for me. I prefer not to have clutter, like sidebars showing.

Installed the Flash Block extension a while back, works pretty well. Stops video auto playing on sites. Could do with a few more decent extensions for sure, but I'm not complaining much. Too many and it would probably start to slow it down.

kendall.a 23. Dec 2013 04:19 PM

Dumb question....where do you guys find these skins? I've tried to find some to play around with, but I don't know where to find them?!

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