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kendall.a 16. Aug 2013 12:31 AM

I too am enjoying this browser very much! I have it installed at home and I am using the portable version at work. It opens fast and the Passport syncing feature means that you do not have to worry about any of your extensions or bookmarks or anything, because it's all saved in Passport. You can do a completely fresh install and be back to "normal" in literally seconds.

P.S. I encourage all you Firefox users out there to give it a try. You'll be surprised how much faster this browser is than FF! I should know, I was a FF user for lots and lots of years.

sicknero 16. Aug 2013 01:25 PM

Reading the Maxthon Community forum this morning, it seems that many users are finding the latest release to be just as buggy as previous ones, yet it's working fine here so far. Curious. I'm on a fresh insstall of W7 though, which is helping perhaps.

kendall.a 16. Aug 2013 06:51 PM

I would recommend NOT upgrading or updating to the latest portable version! At least for me, I'm finding the new portable very buggy. The previous version was, in my opinion, much better!

In other words, stay away from

I am not having any issues with the installed version at all.

sicknero 16. Aug 2013 07:45 PM


Originally Posted by kendall.a (Post 91199)
I would recommend NOT upgrading or updating to the latest portable version! At least for me, I'm finding the new portable very buggy. The previous version was, in my opinion, much better!

In other words, stay away from

I am not having any issues with the installed version at all.

Do you mean I can't find any mention of .4000 on the forums.

I'm running Portable here and it seems fine so far, much less buggy in fact than the few previous releases. Several problems I was having before seem to have been fixed.

One of the things I've noticed with Maxthon though, through reading the forums, is that some users might have this or that problem with it, while other users have none.

Edit; What problems are you having with it in particular?

kendall.a 16. Aug 2013 08:43 PM


Do you mean I can't find any mention of .4000 on the forums.
Yes, you are correct. I got a little dyslexic I think....

The new portable has crashed on me a number of times. In fact, I've had to go into Task Manager to "end process".

Question--when you extract the new portable, do you install it over top of the old one or do you do a total fresh install?

kendall.a 16. Aug 2013 08:52 PM

I am such an xxxxx! I extracted the Maxthon portable (newest version) into my old Maxthon portable location. So, now I have "Portable Maxthon" folder under my "Portable Maxthon" folder.

But, guess what?! I already had the latest portable version already. So, when I try to run the Maxthon.exe file under the layered "Portable Maxthon", it locks up. But, if I run the same Maxthon.exe under the upper level or top level, it runs fine.

I can't explain it. All I know is that I have 2 of the same portables copied over to my C drive, one layered below the other. The top layer one works fine and the one in the c:\Mathon Portable\Maxthon Portable doesn't!

No big deal. I'll just deleted the layered folder and I'll be fine.

sicknero 16. Aug 2013 09:30 PM

I just unpack the latest version to a new directory and attach the version number to the folder name (e.g. "Portable Maxthon") so I know which is which. I usually keep the older versions for a while in case the new one has any problems. So yes, each new version I run as a fresh "install".

No idea why it doesn't like running from Portable Maxthon\Portable Maxthon : ) I'd just delete the whole lot and start again if I were you, and you can still find the older versions on-line if you need them.

deya 16. Aug 2013 11:37 PM

No problems here, with the full install. Very quick.

Interesting looking at their forum. The thread, Q & A with their CEO, which mentions Maxthon changing over to Blink in the future;

kendall.a 18. Aug 2013 05:51 PM

I found this quite interesting, though, I'm not sure I completely understand it:


By Karl Mattson

At Maxthon, security and privacy aren’t terms to be thrown around, they are a promise. We have the xxxxnal of security systems and processes to keep you and your data safe as you freely enjoy your web the way you want it, when you want it, wherever you want it. We look the question of security in three major areas:xx(1) Encryption for over the air (OTA) processes; (2) Data management in the Cloud and (3) Personnel practices.xx

Let’s look at the 3 areas using the Maxthon Cloud browser, starting with number one. In most browsers and websites most of these requests aren’t encrypted.xxDevice encryption is based on the concept of cryptography, a method long used to keep information secret. User information such as favorites and browsing history is translated into an encryption algorithm and spread out amongst several different web servers, turning it into unreadable text.

If you’re in a place using an insecure WiFi network and passing unencrypted requests to the web someone could easily be ‘listening’xxto every http request you make and reading the un-encrypted strings of text – which could include your personal information and conversations.xxYou don’t have to worry about that when you use the Maxthon Cloud Browser.xxEvery time you share, send or sync something with our product it’s encrypted – to the AES 256 standard.xx

In our second area of protect, we look at how Maxthon manages your data in the Cloud. Once you make that request and our Cloud Browser encrypts it and sends it to your Cloud account we add another wall of defense. Your (now-encrypted) data is then cryptographically ‘hashed’ and distributed to different servers in our architecture. Basically, it’s chopped up into many chunks, which are separately encrypted.

Finally, we take a serious approach to personnel practices – especially around who can access our infrastructure and the reasons justifying sporadic access.xxLong story short, there are a very small number of Maxthon network operations team members who can even access any of the servers your data (now-encrypted and now-hashed) is now spread out on.

Finally, there’s the ‘key’ – which is how to unlock this data.xxSome cloud services maintain the customer’s ‘key’ in their cloud. Maxthon chose to keep that limited to the physical device – meaning you would have to have physical possession of the device in question to access decrypted Cloud content.xx

We don’t make it easy for hackers. Simply put, if an unauthorized individual or government agency tries to hack your browser looking for data or files, they will be met with a wall of mumbo-jumbo and your information remains safe.

Joe A.TT 19. Aug 2013 12:03 AM

It seems they are saying if you are concerned about the NSA and other such bodies spying on you, then you should use Maxthon.

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