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deya 22. Jul 2013 10:28 PM

sicknero; dunno how you've got it displaying WOT icons like your image shows, it can't be Maxthon Flag because I installed the extension but the icons don't display here. It got me thinking back, and I remember I once had it doing that, can't remember which version of the browser it was, maybe M3, but I remember it showed the WOT icon at the side of forum links. It worked briefly, then stopped doing it. Could never quite figure that out.

I still use WOT-SurfCanyon as default search because it displays the WOT ratings as default without having to change settings like you do with DDG - although I do also use DDG.

I like Maxthon, another example of what can be done re built in features and functions. I like the UI as well, nice and clean looking, options to customise it to what's best for you. It won't suit everyone, I always used to think some of the earlier UI designs were a little bit childish, kind of juvenille in appearence. Perhaps a cultural thing - and that's not to be unkind or rude in any way, that's just how I saw it. And I think that perhaps, over time, they've taken onboard comments from their user forum because it doesn't strike me like that now, they changed it to a more polished, professional look.

A very fast browser, not a resource hog. SkyNote is invaluable to me, especially with the quick launch keys because I don't like having the sidebar showing.

It's taken a while with M4, getting it right, and as sicknero pointed out there have been a couple of buggy releases along the way. But they seem to have ironed them out now, at least I don't see them in the previous few releases.

Bo, .... cheers :)

deya 22. Jul 2013 10:35 PM

Ahaaa! .... just noticed that the WOT icons at the side of the forum links show, but only when I'm logged in. Log out - they're gone. .... freaky :D

sicknero 23. Jul 2013 12:58 AM

Huh so it does! Sign in, there's WoT, sign out and it's gone... you're right it's not Maxthon Flag either, I uninstalled it here and cleaned up and I still have the WoT symbols and score card.

Also, one of the links I posted on the previous page is identical to a link in the Maxthon forums, and even though I'm signed in there, there's no WoT. So maybe it's something specific to Gizmo's?

Anyway I'm in total agreement... for fast and functional browsing Maxthon really is the bees knees. Most of the really useful stuff that I have to add to Firefox is already here as standard - no faffing around to find compatible extensions which are broken by the next update. Basic tab functions like Duplicate, Close Left/Close Right and Auto Refresh. Split Screen, Ad Blocking, Screen Shots, a decent Resource Sniffer, Translation .... no doubt others that I've forgotten too. Fair enough Maxthon can't download from Youtube at the moment but that's no great hardship, there are enough easy work-arounds.

A couple of things I miss - grab and drag for page scrolling, and auto show/hide for the toolbars and sidebar (even manual show/hide), I think would be a definite improvement. And I know what you mean about the GUI :) I'm impatient to learn my way around the page and ui dat files, so I can slim down the tabs and toolbars a bit. Otherwise though, after the initial acclimatisation, it's really grown on me.

Skynotes I'm still a little wary of ... when I first tried it a few months back, it wasn't working properly and lost a couple of test notes that I put into it. It seems fine now but I'm not inclined to trust it with anything important. Not that I would anyway really, but it is very useful. I've used Resophnotes for ages, but the Maxthon option to select text and "send to Skynote" is great. I'd love to see that integrate with Windows Explorer as well as the internet.

I've put a few requests up on the forum for stuff that I think would be a genuine improvement without sacrificing the functionaity. And you get that sweet reply from "BugSir" or "BugMiss" :-D Ditto with problem reporting. Don't know if they actually go anywhere ... I reported a problem with Quick Apps in a previous version which is now fixed but whether that had anything to do with my input in anybody's guess.

I see some feature requests on the forums, like thumbnail tab previews, and think "No, please don't!". The bare bones functionality is what I really like about this browser.

And one of the best things, is that it is genuinely and completely portable. I can set it up here and transfer it to my office pc and everything works. Unlike a certain other browser that I spent most of yesterday setting up at home only to find that the "portable" version lost half its extensions and prefs when transferred to flash drive :( (Well, maybe not half, but even so...)

WoT Search ... when I first tried to use it as the default search engine, I just copied the MyWot searchpage address into the Maxthon engines page, which is quite funny because when you then try to search from the url box, you get this...

(The correct URL, if anyone's actually read this far, is "")

Joe A.TT 23. Jul 2013 04:26 AM


Originally Posted by sicknero (Post 90070)
Huh so it does! Sign in, there's WoT, sign out and it's gone...

...So maybe it's something specific to Gizmo's?

Yes. I believe it's specific to Gizmo's. The same sign-in/sign-out thing happens to me with FF. (BTW, I haven't tried Maxthon, but it sounds good ;)).

kendall.a 23. Jul 2013 05:19 AM

Ok, I've got a minor issue/inconvenience....

I have made Maxthon my default browser (clicked box within Maxthon settings). However, when I click on a link in my email program (Outlook), it still opens up Firefox.

I'm not sure where else I need to go to change this; possibly within the email program?

Any suggestions?

sicknero 23. Jul 2013 09:33 AM

Is it working as your default browser aside from with Outlook? I don't know Outlook, but if Maxthon is working properly as your default browser otherwise, perhaps Outlook does have its own preferences setting for what browser it opens.

Otherwise, if you're in Windows 7, I'd start with the Default Programs dialog (Control Panel - Default Programs - Set Your Default Programs) and check that Maxthon is in the list and "has all its defaults". You can also look in the same dialog to see what defaults FF is set for.

If you're using Maxthon portable, there's a neat program you can get called Register Firefox Portable which is written to add Firefox to the Default Programs editor in W7, but actually works fine with any portable browser.

Edit; An afterthought - Register Firefox Portable needs to be run as admin I think, and it occured to me that if you have the installed version of Maxthon, perhaps you need to run that as admin, just one time so you can get W7 to accept the changes to default programs.

deya 23. Jul 2013 03:42 PM

Yes, thats the search URL for WOT-SurfCanyon. Once entered into the search engine manager your search results show with the coloured WOT icons automatically, as opposed to having to change settings in DDG. Not sure which engine delivers the best results, personal choice I suppose. I use both.

SkyNote works fine for me, I don't use it for anything too important either but once locked they stay as they are. Haven't lost anything yet, I don't sync them but have saved them as text documents just in case.

I installed the Flash Block extension today, it seems to work ok, gives you the plug-ins on demand option. I'll keep using it and see how it goes. It would be nice if that particular function was an option in the browser settings though - I'm sure it used to be. Can't remember.

As far as the GUI goes, I don't mind it. I'd like to see an option to narrow the bars a little, something similar to FF with 'Use Small Icons'. That would be enough for me. Maybe when there are more built in skins options, without having to unpack files all over the place etc. I've done that before with previous versions but can't be bothered now, I can live with the available options as they are. I prefer the default tabs above the address bar but you can change it to tabs below. Personal choices again.

Recent change to their forum is also good, plenty of help and info if required - not as many sparkling pink ponies, flashing signatures and OMG!!!!!'s as there used to be. It's a much better layout, easier to find what you're after - less painful on the eyes :)

sicknero 23. Jul 2013 11:54 PM

Well Maxthon does also have a pretty powerful multi-search function too... I've not used it a lot but it makes it very easy to flick between a huge variety of searches. Another definite point in it's favour.

Syncing was my problem with Skynote ... I tried a couple of test notes but they disappeared from the cloud with no trace :)
That was several months ago now though, and I suspect it might have been a case of user error anyway, as I was new to cloud browsing at the time and it's quite possible that I wasn't using it properly... whatever the case, it seems fine now.
The issue I think is when you have a new installation or newly extracted portable version, to give it time to sync itself on first use. Although having said that Skynote was definitely having one or two problems before.

I've been exploring the dat files this evening and had some limited success in altering bits and pieces of the GUI, not to mention destroying various parts of it :D

I thought I'd post this anyway to show people...

It isn't mine, I got it from the forum and to be honest don't really like it much - for me it's gone too far to the other extreme, but I thought people might be interested to see what can be achieved by editing ui.dat.

My plan is to compare this modded ui.dat with the standard one and hopefully from that learn which parts of the file I need to edit to make the browser the way I want it. It's going to be a bit time consuming though, it's quite surprising how much code goes into a few basic elements and I don't know anything about css.

The flash blocker works ok for me, and also seems to work per site as well if you use the hotkeys. There's a global setting in Maxthon for "Allow all sites to run plug-ins", but oddly this doesn't seem to stop Youtube working so I'm not sure about that... maybe the Flashblock permission over-rides it.

Sparkling pink ponies hehehe. Total War Centre has been infested with those for a while.

deya 15. Aug 2013 08:54 PM

v4.1.2.2000 Final released;

sicknero 16. Aug 2013 12:03 AM


Originally Posted by deya (Post 91170)

Great stuff, I've been using it this evening and it seems smooth and stable.

They've fixed a couple of bugs that I was experiencing with Quick Apps, and have also now caught up with the recent (ish) Youtube changes.

It's good to have it back as a secondary browser, it seems to be of a similar quality and speed again to when I started using it about six months ago. Several updates since then have been disappointing and buggy, but (touch wood) they seem to be on track now. I see that they have implemented some of the users' requests as well. Nice.

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