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Default Javascript

Yesterday I uninstalled Java from all my systems. Then I checked my preferences in my browsers and came across Javascript. In Google it is enabled by default. Could not find it in Chrome. I think it is JRScript in IE. I was not sure if it was something I should uncheck or not.

I understand that Javascript is not Java. The former is a scripting language and the latter is a programming language. JavaScript copies many names and naming conventions from Java, but the semantics are different.

Are there any drawbacks to disabling it ? Do I really need it?
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You are right, javascript is a scripting language. JRE is actually runtime environment needed to run Java applets.

Javascript is widely used on webpages, to run various scripts, so, if you disable it, the pages may break.

However, some malicious sites also run malicious codes in javascript.
So, for selective disabling/enabling, you can use NoScript for Firefox. It will disable javascripts by default on webpages, and if the page breaks, then you can see what scripts are being disabled and enable them manually. Takes a bit of time, but it's useful.

There is an equivalent extension on Chrome too, but I don't remember the name.
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Hi emmjay, congratulations about uninstalling Java, I have being without it for more than 3 years and havent had a need for it ever since.

About disabling Javascript, I also think it is a great idea. I use NoScript for Firefox to disable JS on all sites except when it is really neccesary to enable it. I dont use Chrome like you do but there are programs that sort of do what NoScript do. I suggest you find one and use it.
Originally Posted by emmjay View Post
Are there any drawbacks to disabling it ? Do I really need it?
I think the answer for that question, really depends on the user. On my case, a user that dont care about moving stuff that jump all over the place causing distractions, using a program like NS to disable Javascript is great. For me, there are no drawbacks. Programs like NS have a whitelist, where you can add sites that you want to allow JS. Myself, I disable JS in almost all sites, even sites like this one. I got used to doing it like that and it doesnt bother me at all.

If you disable JS, you will find that when logging on forums, you ll have to make an extra click. Also, if you download from sites like Rapidshare, you ll will have to allow JS in order for you to be able to download files. Other than that, everything else works pretty much the same.

Find yourself a program for Chrome and allow yourself the time to learn it and to get used to being without JS. In my opinion, blocking, disabling, uninstalling JS, Java and other plugins in browsers do more for our safety than a real time antivurs.

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In case you're interested, ScriptNo is the equivalent of the Firefox add-on NoScript for Chrome browsers.
I have it installed on SWare Iron and it works great and much like NoScript (of course if you don't use Firefox, the way it works won't make any difference to you, but it's a great Chrome extension).
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Tnx guys, I have installed ScriptNo in Chrome.
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