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Default Sound problem - latest Windows update?

PC (Dell Dimension C521)
Dual Core, 2.1 GHz
OS: Vista Home

Problem: No sound for internet videos. (I don't have video stored on my computer to test that source.)

Possible Cause: On 6/4 I installed one security update - Windows Defender Definition Update #KB915597 Definition 1.59.789.0. Since that installation I cannot get sound via the internet except through MSN Mail. No sound from UTube or other video sites.

Already Tried: Switching browsers from Firefox 3 to IE 7, still had no sound. Also no fix from uninstalling and reinstalling Java.

Additional Info: Audio is fine for music through Media Player. Via internet I do get the greeting voice sound from MSN email. I don't use other internet sound sources much so don't know if this is blocking all other internet sound.

Can you tell me how to solve this?
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It may be a while before one of our experts turns up (i'm not one) but in the meantime:
if you google something like
"KB915597 sound problem vista" all kinds of results are displayed.
Like this:
It may help.
lets the music play the band ...
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Unless you truly want to keep it, I suggest you dump Windows Defender (at least temporarily) for something better (maybe a HIPS, or WinPatrol). That's the fastest, and simplest solution.
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