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I realized that Thanks.. No I'm having problems with SlimBoat , I think maybe I'll try reinstalling it
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Originally Posted by Anupam View Post
SlimBoat : from the makers of SlimBrowser, is a new webkit based browser which has just arrived on the scene. There are some other webkit based browsers, like Arora, QTWeb, Dooble, Qupzilla. While Arora, and QTWeb looked capable of turning into something good, sadly, they didn't develop further, and seems like development of both of them has either stopped, or just stalled.

Dooble, although is in development, but, there is no detailed information about it on its homepage, and the one time I had tried it out, it did not seem much in workable condition. It still has a long way to go.

Qupzilla has shown some promise, and it's covered in a different thread, and it looks good, but still, it's a bit quirky.

I haven't mentioned Safari, Google Chrome, or the likes, because they are mainstream browsers.

When SlimBoat was suggested, I did not have much expectations from it, but when I tried it recently, it has impressed me a lot with its loads of options, customization, and some extra features, which I haven't yet seen in other browsers. I think SlimBoat deserves some attention. I will highlight the positives from the browser in this thread, and make it a small review.

SlimBoat comes with some built-in themes, so, if you are not satisfied with its default look, you can just play around and see which one you like.

There are two extra features in the browser, which I found very useful, as will others. First is the "Save as pdf". This feature, although needs polishing, because it did not work very well, with the Gizmo's Freeware homepage that I tried to save, but still, for mostly text based webpages, it should do a decent job. I hope they improve this feature in the future versions.

Next is the "Save Screenshot". This worked really well, and even captured the full webpage with the scroll, and that too without needing to do anything.. just a simple click. Pretty impressive.

Other features worth mentioning are that it provides a QuickFill to save forms, which I think many people might find useful. It comes with a whole load of options to personalize it. I don't use this feature, so I do not have much idea of how it works, but from what I see, it should work well.

A language translator is also provided in the browser, which although makes use of Google Translator by default, but still, it's useful in the sense that it makes things faster, and easier. It also has the option to make use of Bing, or Google online translation services, if so desired.

Also has the feature of "Groups" to group sites. I haven't explored this feature yet.

SlimBoat has a built-in download manager, and a popup blocker too.

It is also social media friendly. Comes with options to share status, page, or text on Facebook from within the browser... or, also share on other social media sites like Twitter, Google+ etc. People who regularly tread on the social site, or, like these features in a browser, will find this useful.

The browser has several customization options. The buttons on the browser can be customized according to preference, which certainly is an advantage. SlimBoat comes with certain buttons by default like Facebook sharing, shop on Amazon/e-bay. I did not want these and so very easily removed them from the interface.

There are several search engines built-in, and can be managed, and new ones can be added too. Google by default is the search engine, and it's mentioned custom against it, which I think is in some way customized by SlimBoat team. There are no Bing, or Yahoo, but they can be added manually, if so desired.

There are loads of settings in SlimBoat using which users can customize Popup blocker, Download manager, QuickFill, Appearance, Proxy, Privacy, and the likes.

It also comes with a startup option, whereby on start of the browser, a particular page, or a group of sites can be opened, or a set of commands can be executed.

A setting to show weather for present day in the status bar, is also there, which might appeal to some. To make avail of this, location has to be set, which is available via another setting.

All in all, it's a pretty great browser, which shows good promise. The pages are rendered very well, and I did not find any problem with a few sites that I browsed.

There are a few things which need improvement though. There is no built-in adblocker, which I found a major disadvantage. An adblocker is there in QupZilla, which is great. If SlimBoat could have an adblocker, it would be great, and would greatly enhance the browser.

Don't know about the extensibility of this browser yet. So, don't know whether third party adblocker, or, WOT, can be integrated into the browser. Have yet to test that.

The bookmarks manager allows bookmarks to be imported from IE only, which I thought is another major disadvantage, considering other browsers are quite popular today, like Chrome, and Firefox. I hope they do improve this further.

Overall, the browser looks good, and is pretty impressive, considering the features, and customization. Sets it apart from other webkit browsers definitely. I think it deserves attention, and considering its features, it should get it, in coming days, or months.

If it could keep improving, and work on the disadvantages, it surely will go a long way.

SlimBoat is presently available for Windows only, but Mac and Linux versions are in the plan. It has a portable version available, which is great, and will appeal to many users.

Thanks for the review Anupam,

I just downloaded it and the one thing I would like is to add-on WOT.

I have this on all my browsers (Pale Moon,Firefox and Chrome) and feel secure iwith it.

I don't see any option for add-ons, though.

Thanks for any help.

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That's a major drawback of SlimBoat that it does not support add-ons.
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I've been testing the browsers for BF Web Browser and so far SlimBrowser looks a better option than SlimBoat. It scores higher for performance and conformance. It also does this while using less resources in the one resource test I've completed so far.

I haven't done a detailed review yet but I see that 4goTTen21 recommended SlimBrowser 2 years ago in the forum
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SlimJet takes chrome add-ons
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