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moho 11. Oct 2011 02:47 PM

opinions on best/easiest free database
Hey folks-

I'm in the market for some database software and was hoping I could get some input. I've poked around the web a bit and of course MySQL and LibreOffice get good marks, but I'm wondering if there are better alternatives to fit my needs. I do have access to MS Access, but I'm trying to wean myself from MS (if only my employer would help...), and would like to stick freeware.

Here's a little bit more info regarding how I want to use the database:

-I want to build 2 databases. A recipe database, and one to help me better organize my filing cabinets of journal articles.

-I'm thinking I might want to include pictures in the recipe database, if that's possible.

-I need to include both web links and a link/shortcut to a file location (pdf, etc) on my computer. Can this dynamically change if I move the file?

-I'd like it to be somewhat easy to use. I've used FileMaker Pro, Specify, and ProCite and all have seemed a bit wonky to use, so I can't imagine how difficult it would be to use them to build the actual db. Then again, maybe I'll think that about any database software, lol. At any rate, it would be nice if the learning curve wasn't enormous, as it'll be much faster to get them up and running.

-I have zero experience in coding/programming. The most I've done is open an .lua file and change very obvious types of things to "true" or "false" or define a value. Not sure if that would make a difference to what the community would recommend, but I just thought I'd put it out there :o

-The database should be well maintained. I don't want to put a bunch of work into a program with a proprietary file format which then goes the way of the dodo in 24 months.

Edit: No online databases, please, ...I'm not a "cloud" type person.

Really looking forward to reading people's suggestions. Much thanks to those that take the time to comment.


4goTTen21 11. Oct 2011 05:13 PM

Humm... better tan MySQL?.......

You can try:

moho 11. Oct 2011 05:52 PM

I'm not sure it's a matter of intrinsically "better", but better for my own purposes. I think I'm looking for something rather simple, with a shallow learning curve. I've never built a database, and therefore don't know much about it.

It would be nice if the program had something of a user-friendly GUI that doesn't require any knowledge of programming language. Just from reading some of the documentation for MySQL, it seems very far over my head. A "server" type program, again from my limited knowledge, seems more than I need.

Generally speaking, the paid or cloud-type databases seem more user-friendly (Zoho Creator, the former, ), but I prefer to have my data on my machine, where I am in control of the security. It might be that the LibreOffice/Open Office base is the best thing, which is why I was hoping some more experienced users than myself, could point me in the right direction :)

4goTTen21 11. Oct 2011 06:05 PM

^^ then I'm not the indicated man. I've worked with database, but my knowledge is not enough to tell you what is better in that means. Sure someone else can help you soon.

moho 13. Oct 2011 03:46 PM

Update: I'm leaning towards trying LibreOffice's Base atm, but would really like to hear from a few more people before I head in that direction.

syntax_error 16. Oct 2011 03:21 AM

I do not know of any other free databases.

You could try a different approach with:

The name and web site take a bit of getting used to, there is no help file but it does have a good manual. (After using the google translator)

I am a fan of this software and suggest you give it a try as it does everything you have asked for, is under active development (W7) and requires no programming knowledge.

The free (for personal use edition) is available from Majorgeeks and the like.

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