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Default Enlarges a pic

I know i'm gonna regret asking this because i always get so much information back that my struggling old brain creates a collage of what i need to do and the result can be.......interesting? lol.

What i'm looking for is some advice/software/free of course which will enable me to enlarge a picture taken on my phone to the size required for a friend to print it onto a Bodhran.( Irish Drum) He makes them for a living but the pic we sent him gets blurry when he blows it up. Perhaps he's using the wrong dynamite<<<<<<<<JOKE

Bell xx
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I have changed the topic of the thread to reflect what you want appropriately. If you want people to help you, please choose an appropriate topic.
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Bell I saw what you posted in the other thread before this one. Actually creating a new thread was an is usually always a better idea. This way people who look quick notice which question is really being answerec. So I am going to move my post over here.

The moderators will have to straiten out the other thead.

One line of explanation. No life stories. The trouble is when you enlarge an image digitally, information i.e. new pixels need to be added in, those new pixels are calculated by looking at the pixels surrounding them.

Most software just does the enlarging, but does not allow for user input, so the results vary. One of the best programs I have found is SmillaEnlarger You only need to unzip the files to a folder, and run the program. It is all self contained so no install is necessary.

For a quicker option you can use this online tool it actually works pretty well, but results will vary depending on the image. It also has a limitation on enlargement size in the free version, but it should still get you up to small poster size so I have a feeling it would be adequate.

In the event that you still don't get the results you want from one of these. I am a graphics designer, and have a larger amount of experence restoring images. I would be more than happy to fix it for you. (For free of course. Although if you donate a quid or two to Gizmo's no one would try to stop you.)
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