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Default DVD copier

Any software that will copy DVD movies?
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There are several free tools. The combination of RipIt4Me and DVD Decrypter still works on many discs.

Also DVDFab Passkey and MakeMKV are paid software but are in beta. You can use them free for at least 60 days I think.

DVDFab Passkey is closest to what you want. It lets you copy the DVD files (VIDEO_TS folder) to another folder with the annoying stuff stripped out. MakeMKV extracts as .mkv files.

I stay away from rippers that don't let you save the files and insist on converting to another format(other than MakeMKV.) The ones I've tried from GiveAway of the Day were not worth the effort. Some produce good quality output, if the aspect ratio and everything else just happens to fit into the most common case.. otherwise you get squashed/stretched video.. or the subtitle support is just about non existent. I watch a lot of foreign films so the subtitle issue is big for me.

Once you get the decrypted files on your HD then there are plenty of free tools on videohelp that will let you burn as is(Imgburn) or convert to other formats such as .avi (AutoGK.)

edit: btw the RipIt4Me solution actually uses 3 apps. RipIt4Me DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink all freeware you can download from videohelp. Another non obvious feature of videohelp is most apps have a page you can access with older versions. Say the last version that will work on your system is 2 or 3 versions old, look through the list on videohelp. It may still be there for download.

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