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Default Audio CD catalog/database

This is a repeat of a post I made 18 months ago. Got no relevant response at that time. Thought I would try again.....

I have searched many times but never found a good free audio cd catalog program. I see programs here that purport to catalog dvd's but none that either exclusively or as part of the larger program allow you to automatically create a catalog of audio cd's. The most basic feature that I am looking for is the ability to feed one cd after another into a drive and have it identify the cd, automatically download album and track information from the web and enter the info into a database. Basic searching, organizing, and reporting functions would be obviously desireable features as well. It just seems so strange that there doesn't seem to be multiple versions of such a program out there - (most) everybody has a cd collection and it would seem they could use such a program. I suppose something like iTunes might do the job but it has way too many features and frankly, although maybe I'm the only person that feels this way, I find it difficult to use. It keeps doing stuff automatically that I don't want it to do - and its a hog.
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Hello LongHawl

I wonder whether you've already tried these:
Disclib [Windows (?)]

I haven't tried either of them as yet, but I have used the OrangeCD player, a freeware component of a shareware audio CD cataloging suite (not free); however, the OrangeCD player does memorize the CD lookup information from FreeDB / CDDB. NotifyCD is an old open source program which does something rather similar (it worked ok for me on Vista).


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