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Default What was that noise for?

Does anyone know of any software that will alert you as to what that last sound was for on your computer?

Every now and then I hear a noise from my computer and I have no idea what it is for and it's not the same noise it's different noises for different things.

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Its noise because of a software, or is it coming from inside your PC case? If its coming from inside your PC case, you will have to inspect it yourself.

I assume that you are talking about the sounds because of a software. You just get sounds... and no messages? In my knowledge, I don't think there is any such software to alert about the sounds.

Did you install any theme, or anything like that, which might give out sounds for different things?

Maybe you can find a clue, if you check the event logs.
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Definitely need more information Herb. You say it's a 'noise' which, to tech types, suggests the horrible grind of a dying hard drive. On the other hand you say the noise varies which suggests it's a system sound coming out of your PCs speakers. If you can clear that up then someone as smart as Anupam can follow the 'sound but no message' clue.
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Hi everyone - sorry i forgot about my post.

It is a noise from the speakers - like new email arriving or a critical stop "ding" sound or crumpled paper by deleting an email - stuff like that.

In my case i have NO EARTHLY IDEA what the sound was or what it was for - all i know is that it did happen and i heard it and I would assume something wants me to know that something happened.



Wow - im revisiting this post 4 years later - that's pretty bad.

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if you go to 'system sound events' you will find every sound that is windows based and is currently active/assigned to an event. if you highlight one and then click on the 'test' button you should be able to figure it out pretty quick... provided it's "windows" based.

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