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Default 'I need some advice regarding software for an Autistic child

Hi everyone.

I really hope someone can assist me here.

I need a software program that will allow me to alter the speed of Mpegs and AVIs etc as they are playing. It needs to allow me to slow the speed right down and freeze frame, and then to play the clip backwards. Preferably with the sound working. I have found that VLM Player will allow me to alter the speed of play, keeping the audio in sync. However, this only goes as far as "zero" speed - it will not go into reverse.

Also the program needs to be easy to use, with something like a slider bar to alter speed and sending the clip into reverse. Anything too complicated will not be usable in this situation.

It is quite complicated why I need this - basically, my son, who is Autistic, gets fixated on various things from time to time. Currently he wants to see all his film clips backwards as well as forwards. He wants to swap speeds and directions of play very quickly. His films are stored in Mpeg, mpg and AVI format on an external HDD.

So my question is this: Is there an editing tool, or video player that you are aware of that will allow me to do all I mention above. It can be freeware - but I do not mind paying if I have to.

I hope you can help and advise me. Looking forward to your replys

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Hi Jim

And welcome to the forum

Interesting. I too have a autistic son. He's 37 now. But as a child he too would fixate on something and do things repetitively like ride his big wheel in one direction and then reverse that direction for up to an hour or more at a time. Computers at the time was very basic but it would have been interesting to see how he would of interacted with one. Now as an adult he has no interest whats so ever.

I found this link, it might get you started in the right direction:

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