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cebtoo 05. Nov 2018 10:21 PM

Slide Show to DVD Software Needed
I need software that does this:
1. Select all images on the disc.
2. Run the slide show at 3 second intervals.
3. Allow click on the current image to tag it for burning to DVD.
4. Burn all tagged images to DVD to be played on standard DVD players.
I use IRFANVIEW for slideshow but it can't do 3 and 4 (or does it?):rolleyes:

Note: I have thousands of images collected ovr the years and many of them are not even named, much less organized well.

Remah 05. Nov 2018 11:28 PM

I don't remember ever seeing step 3. i.e. a single click to tag.

I haven't used IrfanView for over a decade but I'm sure that I was able to select files and then perform a file operation on them e.g. copy the selected files to another folder.

Once the files I selected are in one folder (including subfolders) then Windows allows me to burn that folder to DVD without any additional software required.

I've used the burnt DVD on DVD players which usually have a slideshow feature that displays all viewable images on the DVD, even those images in subfolders.

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