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Default Tips please: Email client

Greetings after such a long time,

I'm changing from XP to Windows 7 (yes, I'm old and slow); and I'm looking for an email client to replace Outlook Express.

Preferably freeware...

Features I'm looking for are:
  • it should import my myriad of dbx folders
  • it should have the ability to store its own folders on a different dir/drive (because my c:drive goes virtual when online)
  • it should allow txt and html formats
  • it should either allow a serverside preview or work with my old Mailwasher (since OE grabbed everything from the server without checking I used to check with Mailwasher before downloading any emails
  • other than that, it should be light and simple

Lastly, I would prefer a portable version, but I could live with an installation if I'd have to.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance,

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I've tried probably 1/2 dozen different mail clients including Thunderbird, Mailbird, Em client, Incredimail, plus some others. My favorite by far is Em client. For me, it is the most like Outlook; which I use for work.

But, you can also check here:
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Thanks, I'll try it.

Right now I've reverted to a portable Thunderbird, but I'm not quite sure if I'm happy with it.

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Same as kendall.a.

I've also found eM Client to be the best, considering the fact that you can link up-to 2 accounts in the Free version, but if you want to integrate more than 2, you need to buy the Pro version or you can look elsewhere.
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You could give Foxmail a try: The installer is in Chinese (so guess for the default settings, but you can't go wrong), but it's a great program. Despite the Chinese installer, don't worry about the program language interface - it's supports English. You can use more than one e-mail account, HTML or Text, etc.

You can move the directory where Foxmail was installed where you want - it's portable :-).


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