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Question Default Fills in any tabbed-form fields with short key-stroke initiation

I have a stupid program that I have to type in the same fields every day, and if I don't it invalidates the file it generates, which is not editable.
It is an ongoing issue with loads of form-based input, and a general solution is sought.
What would be ideal would be a way to construct paste-buffer contents which is capable of being thrown at such a form so that it fills out each field in turn.

So, if Field1 needs F1contents, Field2 needs F2contents etc, what would be ideal would be a way to construct a paste buffer with contents :

F1contents[delimeter char(s)]F2contents[delimeter char(s)]... etc
and for something to recognise the [delimeter char(s)] in the buffer contents and make any form-based input program act like I have pressed <tab> at that point to change the focus to the next field etc.

I have seen hints that AutoHotkey may be able to do this? (I have a couple of scripts implemented already)

Any ideas?
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Default no-one any ideas?

I've tried adding a little to this, but the message seems to be getting deleted (twice, unless, I'm a divvy and can't post replies properly):
Has no-one got any ideas?
I did try a Google search before posting, and did see a few queries along these lines spread over several forums, but saw no solution posted anywhere.
I'm plainly not the only person looking for a way out of typing the same things into whatever form over & over again....
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Please do not bump the thread by posting same message more than once. Maybe that's why it was deleted by a moderator. If there was a solution, someone might have posted about it. You can search on the internet or post in another forum.
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A PM was sent with reference to the site rules but no reply was received.
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