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lejuames 22. Aug 2017 02:47 PM

Open same software program more than once
Hi, is anyone aware of how to run the same software program more than once simultaneously on one laptop that works independent of each other ? I tried Sandboxie but only works on certain programs( CCleaner etc) did not work for work program i use. Im wanting to use transcription software program. Im using windows 10. Any ideas appreciated? Thanks.

Joe A.TT 22. Aug 2017 09:28 PM

Please read this article which should explain it all... It is important to note that there are some programs which will not allow you to open multiple instances.

IMHO, if shift-clicking your program icon doesn't open another instance, it's just one of those exceptions. It's simple enough to check and no harm should come from trying.

Last, since your program concerns work, I suspect it's a commercial program. We do not allow mention of commercial programs, so it's best if you keep that to yourself.

J_L 24. Aug 2017 05:20 AM

I was about to suggest full-blown virtual machines, P2V, and the like; but here's something simpler which may just work:

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