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Default Need to disk image to internal storage

I have a disk imaging situation that's a little different than what all the cloning/imaging software appear to expect. I haven't found any reviews that fit my situation.

I have an SSD that is in the process of failing. It'll run for 20 mins to a few hours and then give up. I started the warranty process, and I asked the manufacturer if they'd cross-ship for me, so I could clone it. But, they overlooked that request. Rather than fight them on that, I figgered I'd just image the disk on my other computer and restore to the new drive when it arrives.

All of the disk imaging software appears to default to imaging the currently-operating drives. If they make it easy to image just a happens-to-be-bootable data drive to one of the other internal drives, I can't find that mentioned. At least, not without digging into each manual in detail.

I was hoping someone here is familiar enough with these programs to point me at a couple that will handle my task. I have enough space to make two copies, for some peace of mind.

I am also fully backed up. It would just save me two days of work to reinstall Windows *again* and get it tweaked the way I like it.

Drake Christensen
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Sorry. Forgot to mention that the SSD being imaged is Win 10, as is the machine I'm going to save it on to.
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Any imaging software has the capability to image any disk that is connected to the PC at that time...not just the operating hard drive.

In Macrium Reflect free, you will get the option to image any disk. You can try it. You can image the entire SSD with it.
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Thanks. I was hoping that was the case
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