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Default Is there a program to save and restore my Desktop?

Hi there,

I use the dexpot window manager, have 2 monitors and I open set programs in specific windows

When I need to reboot - like this morning - after a windows update it takes quite some time
- I write down all that I have open in each window
- so that I can manually star the programs and open the files
- return to exactly where I was & what I was doing before the reboot

There must be a program that will save the state of my windows, the applications & files open & then allow me to restore this after a reboot.

I have Googled for over a week and have not had much success. I have tried SmartClose, CacheMyWork and am unable to get a response from Twinsplay as to whether this is possible

Nothing seems to be able to remember the windows, the applications and the files - they just remember the applications.

Any ideas would be truly welcomed ... as I cannot be the only one who would like this functionality to save and restore my desktop after a reboot!

All the very best.

Kind regards,
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Thumbs up This May do Icons Only ...

Take a Look at DesktopOK 4.7.2
It can Restore Desktop Icon Positions (and Maybe even more).

I hope this helps!
C. Mc.
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Why don't you wait until you DON'T have all those Windows open.
I would also suggest that most updates are for security reasons and are likely to be to do with potential attacks from online services, so you really should be wanting those to be refreshed.
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