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Default File properties information vs pop-up information


Using Windows 8.0

I notice that when I move the cursor over an application file ( exe, msi ) the pop-up information often includes the name of the company. When I right click on the file and view the file properties details there is no company information though there is an entry for copyright information, which may or may not have information actually entered, and if it does it is often the authors name and not the company name.

I find the pop-up information useful because it's concise and I would like to be able to capture that pop-up information into a plain text file. The information is brief but includes all the details I need.

Is there any program that will allow me to get that "pop-up" information? Perhaps there's a file manager that does it. I know I can get programs such as metadata editor to copy the information from the properties details dialogue but, as stated, I feel the pop-up information is better.

Sorry for this convoluted and repetitive rambling. I'm just not sure if people will understand what I'm on about.

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There is a screen print program that does it that I have seen somewhere, but it is likely on one of my machines at work. I'll try to remember to look tomorrow.
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