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Default Make my email computer based

My wife has been struggling with finding a good email program since the demise of Outlook Express and her upgrade to Windows 10.
For her Thunderbird has real problems.

She wants an email program which will accept scanned documents directly and is computer based

(if it had the additional aspect of also being web based , that would be nice).

Right now, her solution is to scan a document into a "scanned document folder) and then copy that to a new email which is clunky and unsatisfactory.

She prefers Google Chrome, but can run virtually any browser (I run Firefox on a Linux distro).

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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AFAIK there is none.
Hi. I'm new here.
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I've tried: the Mail program/app built into Windows 10, em Client, Mailbird, Thunderbird, and Claws Mail. I don't really like any of them. I much prefer Outlook.

However, in my opinion, the best of the bunch is em Client.

You could try some others if you want, but I don't know much about them:
Opera Mail
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I use EssentialPIM which includes a simple email client.

When I scan a document to PDF, after saving it, it automatically opens in PDF-XChange Viewer.

I click File > Send by E-Mail... and EssentialPIM opens, a New Message opens, and the PDF file is attached.

I have just tried an image opened in Windows Photo Viewer (Windows 7), clicked on E-mail and it works the same.
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